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The Internet

Because these readers the newspapers generate money. It can, inter alia through Google AdSense, Contax and of course advertising will be generated. Without the article, there’s no online as well as offline newspapers this statement is indeed provocative, but ultimately it is true. GNYCUC contributes greatly to this topic. If we go even one step further and assume that your articles are really top notch, then it would be unusual not’s, using your article in print newsletters and magazines. Therefore, a completely new source of traffic would tap into. Here must however honestly be said that the article a * extremely * high quality must have and of course also need attention.

But also without advertisements, we can multiply so our traffic. I personally had to land the luck (more) but in another post so far only once on the front page of a newspaper. Qualitative content for traffic is for site owners. More high quality content a site has, higher you will be ranked on Google and this site gets more traffic. Let go up again it through my mind: would this editor and webmaster and can create not all content itself and * accurately * so are these people looking after gas contributions, articles and press releases.

The contents are so interesting and high-quality, it is better for the operator and you. It is a * right * win-win situation. Could you imagine the World Wide Web without content (content)? The Internet needs content or content. And you can use this wave as a traffic source. As mentioned, for article marketing is the second most effective way to generate traffic. When you create this free content for online newspapers and site operator, this means for you: that will spread your name on the Internet. Your name will be available on many Web pages. You enhance so your credibility and position themselves automatically in an expert position operate as effective branding get * solid * many visitors and although qualified visitors all of these factors lead to more sales the best part: in reality, let others promote your site and pay a single penny.