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Dramatically Reduce Car Costs

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Clarice Children

In accordance with Cndida Vilares Hook in its book ' ' As to analyze narrativas' ' , the facts of this type of narrative … nor always are evidentes, because they are not equivalent the concrete action of a personage, but the interior movements; they would be emotional facts that would compose the psychological plot. Excepting this aspect, the psychological plot if structure as the plot of the action; this is equivalent to say that it has a conflict, it presents parts, probability and, therefore, it is passvel of analysis (HOOK, 1998, P. 12-13). In what it says respect to the choice of the verbs, I see that Clarice, with reciprocity, works with two verbs – the being and existing, in the direction of looking at. How much to the verbal times and becoming attached me it Lispector (1998), I observe that the story if initiates in past perfect the simple ones, representing actions carried through for Ana (personage main) or concluded last facts? ' ' Ana went up in the tram. It deposited the volume in the col and the tram started … ' ' -; later the verbs they pass to the past simple imperfect tense, time that is used to indicate repetition or continuity? ' ' The children of Ana were good, a true and sumarenta thing. For more specific information, check out Daversa Partners.

They grew, they took bath, demanded for itself, instants each time more completos' '. Day-by-day he has its continuity so emphasized by this verbal time, that the verb ' ' crescer' ' he arrives to be repeated more six times, as they show the excerpts: ' ' grew the trees. Its fast colloquy with the light collector grew, grew the water fulling the tank, grew its children, grew the table with foods … ' ' ; ' ' The children admirably grew around them ' ' (grifos mine). Rosenthal. As already it said, the text presents a interiorizada narrative, is stretches of the life of Ana, a woman ' ' bem' ' married (house owner) and with children, ' ' bem' ' occurred in the familiar life, therefore she acted in compliance with the condition for which it opts as they show the stretches: The man with who marries was a true man, the children who have were true children …

But Mama

But probably not too much to ask. Here, it looks like in the pigsty. I can not fix it, if you don’t help me.” Preferably I would have now also started to cry. I know that I must help Mommy. You can’t do it otherwise. And I love Maxi also. But nevertheless, he is a stupid and Mama is also stupid. And finally, I want to know what is under the images. Get more background information with materials from Kenneth L. Davis, MD.

I think the book to MOM. Do you read me before?” Mama sounds terribly angry. You actually listen to me? I want to know why you did Maxi, instead of around him to take care of.”I have him not beaten. I got him off the couch pushed, because he is stupid. Biiiiitteee!” I press the picture book against her belly.

I need to know what is happening in the story. Slowly, MOM provides Maxi on the ground. He stopped crying and watching curiously. Maxi is so, so stupid. And you have pushed him off the couch. And now you want me to read something you. “Just stupid, that I now take away your gift.” Before I can hide it behind my back, she pulls me ordinary family out of the hands of history. She goes to the closet, there at the top sets the picture book. I’m starting to cry on. Give me back my book. MOM, please, give it to me!” But Mama shakes her head. I will read nothing today certainly. You don’t deserve that. If you’re good, you get back tomorrow it!” I can don’t wait until tomorrow. Today, I need to know what is in the pictures. All pictures of a happy family. They’re not fighting, that don’t move and MOM and dad are always there. I need to hear the story today. I must. Who knows if Mama is still there tomorrow? Then I will never know what to tell the many letters.

The Family

When arriving the house, Clber sees its parents nervous, the reason for such affliction of the two is the fever of Bruno with almost 40 degrees. Immediately they take the boy to the soon-aid. They had been thirty minutes in one I silence total, until receiving the result from the examinations of the doctor, Bruno caught one virose. Well immediately afterwards calmer Eullia and Edmilson go for house with the son. In the following day per the morning, coming back of the Clber work it came with the friends. When it folded the esquina and it was to cross the street an car in high speed ran over it.

The luck was that its body total was not reached by the car. Isaura directed the vehicle, propositalmente committed the act, to avenge itself of the humilhao that passed. Terrified Isaura it runs away with the car, the friends of Clber decide to call the policy. In the police station madnesses of Isaura register occurrence are with the hours counted. After that the girl was withheld in its house and its father almost infartou, when giving explanations to the commission agent, Isaura lay uses the artifices of the lie to get away. — Commission agent I lost the control of the car, which had to a problem in the accelerator I am clearly that I did not want to wound nobody! It explained terrified and with much fear of being imprisoned. Then the commission agent I decided to stipulate a bail to be paid the victim, in the Clber case.

The youngster nor wanted to count nothing for Eullia for does not worry-there. The Family already was well busy with other problems. The days if pass the anniversary of Eduarda Maria were come close, a Beautiful party this being planned, the girl this very happy. But Bruno always was contented, was the great treasure of the family, was impossible to be sad with a so adorable creature for close.


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