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Germany Companies Give Away Billions Of Euros!

Professional Web controlling urgently required! Landshut: Years Frank Witte, Managing Director of the company focuses on Web – analysis in Landshut, with this topic and says clearly: “who runs business, not coming to professional Web optimization”! The company Web – analysis is specialised in advisory services to improve online performances. Even about half of large corporations, the wishes of their customers without Web controlling and therefore the possibility to understand or to customize their Web pages on a better usability. At shop around 10% of the user exit shopping alone because of complicated registration forms systems prematurely. “It is often only small things, the Einkaufswillige on the final stop. Them to recognize and optimize the website brings significant sales potential”, forecasting, Managing Director of Web Analytics, Frank Witte. A good Web controlling solution determined one not only basic information such as entry and exit pages Visitors or the pages that are called during the site visit. It parses the information deeper, to help answer the two most important questions such as shop operator: how to get visitors to my site and how I move them to the shopping? Competent individual support together with the use of appropriate software provides crucial information: about the keywords most visits come from where, to the number of page views the sales cause, promising user profiles, purchase orders, revenues and results of the implemented marketing campaigns, to the most successful affliates and keywords, the ratio of new to regular customers as well as to the sale of individual products by category, Categories, order number or article positioning, and much more. A detailed inquiry together with a concise treatment of the results provides concrete recommendations for action to the gradual optimization of the website.

Only 25% of all German banks and utilities targeted insert Web controlling. Many medium-sized companies completely renounce their Internet presence with the help of Web analytics success control. “With qualified IT consulting staff/indoor local we want to increasingly show interested customers the possibilities of Web – Analytics and offer solutions that are tailored to them. To do this we are looking for nationwide about 10 more employees who fit in our local service team and want to work with us in the long term”, says Frank Witte..

Domains Better Book

Are domains only an appendage to the Web hosting? Mistake! The registry has become a complex industry with specialists. There are only a few small letters. Sometimes two, often three, before a point. But without them, nothing goes on the Internet: the right domain can be decisive in the competition, and who loses by a breakdown at the Registrar, at least in the short term is deleted from the virtual world map: site, shop, email nothing more. A large proportion of companies managed domains through their Web provider that operates the theme often only incidentally, Thorsten Smeets, COO of key-systems, says one of the largest domain experts all over the world.

His domains by someone manage to leave that is specialized on the subject, offers clear advantages. The offer was clearly comprehensive, the service better; the administration of easier, faster and more reliable, as Smeets. In General, the specialists are even cheaper. The market for domain name registration has become extremely cluttered. About 140 so-called registries, the Manage Internet domain organizations such as in Germany the DENIC, lead more than two hundred million domain names ending in a total of about 150 top level domains, so the extensions such as .COM, .DE or. ORG. Twelve million domains are registered on the German .DE ending.

The entries in the registries undertake so-called registrars. You are authorized by the respective registries. Since each registrar can be but basically and fallow between them sold domains, is hardly transparent to the end user, who now has access to the registry. That may be but of great importance, especially in the registration of addresses with new domain extensions, such as the recently introduced.ME. Newly available at the in December.TEL domain it is advisable to rely on an experienced partner. The reliability of the registration and administration of domains depends on the performance of the technical systems, which provide their customers with the domain provider, essentially. How to stop through key-systems for example, special protection functions unintended domain name transfers or deletions that can lead to complications for the customers. In the very worst case, that can be directly the deletion of domain name services for the operator of an online shop which is dependent on the existence of Web page and email. Key-systems, based in Zweibrucken, Germany this year celebrates its 10th anniversary and 2008 according to the consulting firm Deloitte is also one of the ten fastest-growing companies in Germany. An end customer portal in five languages offered by key-systems at domaindiscount24.net. About key-systems key-systems GmbH, founded in 1998, handles the registration of Internet domains are country-specific and generic. The full technical con troll through the registration process of the do main ensures key-systems with direct access to all registrars. By key-systems specially developed which software solutions enable Resel learning and end customers the quick registration rung and easily manage of their inter-net addresses. For maximum Ausfallsi security provides the placement of servers by key-systems in different international locations. Currently Zweibrucken manages key-systems of the lower nehmensstandort over 2.5 million domains customers from 200 lan countries. This makes one of the domain expert for the 20 biggest and fastest growing – the ICANN registrars worldwide. Press contact: talkabout communications gmbh 81541 Munich Sabine Fach / Christina hamisu Balogun Tel: + 49 89 459954-21 / -18 E-Mail: / Internet:

TSV Wholesale

Two coveted awards AG went to Web Sale – an excellent third place Zentrada competition for wholesale online shops the weapons specialist Buchner reached wholesale from Dachau. The online shop “Women love Taschen.de” was awarded with the supraregional Moro Prize, as well as a certification by the Dealers Association. “We are very proud that our customers will succeed again and again, to be in significant competitions across front with”, Johannes W. Klinger, CEO is pleased the WEBSALE AG. The company founded in the year 1996, is specialized in the development and operation of high-quality shopping cart software for the eCommerce. In addition to a good ease of use and great flexibility, the WEBSALE systems characterized by maximum operational stability, data security, assisted support and a superior quality of service. Click The Blackstone Group to learn more. Successful certification of the online shop “women love Taschen.de’ by the Dealers Association were recognized exactly these properties for safety and quality.

The advanced shop system was at the same time thus WEBSALE V7, as well as the competence of the WEBSALE partner confirmed onlinedesign.eu, who is responsible for the design of this shop. The seal of approval of the Dealers Association is in the highest degree for an assignable convenience. Also the jury of the Wirtschaftsfordergesellschaft in the District of Harburg mbH was very impressed by the high professionalism and functionality of the very popular and successful online Taschenshops on the occasion of the award of the founder. She gave national Moro special prize of the year 2009 the company founder and CEO Angela Mathea success also the weapons specialist Buchner had wholesale at the this year’s competition for the “best wholesale online shop 2009”, which was organised for the second time by Zentrada, the premier resource for purchasing wholesale in Germany and Europe,. Daryl Katz brings even more insight to the discussion. The quality of the fast 50 Applicants from the wholesale not made easy it the star-studded, seven-member jury to make a decision. Last but not least on the basis of a clear target group orientation, as well as the excellent optical impression of the shop software WEB SALE V7, which the online shop of Barad the industry make a highlight according to the jury, could prevail against the strong competition the Dachau company and gain an excellent third place. About WEB SALE (www.websale-ag.de): WEB SALE AG develops and operates revenue-generating eCommerce solutions for the sophisticated, powerful, and successful online trading. The safe and reliable functioning of the shop server by the manufacturers themselves guarantee highest quality and support expertise.

The company that benefits the Web sale AG, air traffic control, the Kopp Verlag, the IDG Publishing House with the computer week, PC world, review, include numerous medium-sized companies such as reader’s Digest, VfB Stuttgart, TSV 1860 Munich, MSV Duisburg, Karlsruher SC, DFS Deutsche the Promondo publishing & Versand GmbH and Raceland GmbH also corporations such as DaimlerChrysler, Sandoz, Pferdesporthaus Loesdau and Kramer equestrian, Saff GmbH or the KarstadtQuelle insurance. Technology partnerships to manufacturers goods economy, payment providers, quality seal providers, Web-controlling – and search logic service providers, address and credit Auditors as well as fulfillment and logistics service providers.

Michael Schumacher

Michael shoe’s car online auction platform Tamundo will be auctioned auctioned on Tamundo Michael Schumacher’s old Mercedes station wagon to the starting price of 1 euro Berlin, July 30, 2009 due to the largest comeback in the history of formula 1, can you bid for a piece of this fame now on the online auction platform Tamundo. The Mercedes E-class is offered at a starting price of 1 euro, whose Erstbesitzer was formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher. The Mercedes 320 TE (type W 124) was from 1992 to 1993 produced and considered sporty lifestyle-suits for the upper middle class. Michael Schumacher is the most successful rider in the history of formula 1 and holds almost all records in this race series. In addition to 7 titles, he won 91 races in the highest class of motor sport, was 68 times the best place, and drove the fastest lap in 76 races.

After retiring in 2006 as a professional racer, he dabbled 2008 among other things as an amateur in cycling (IDM). Get all the facts and insights with Dean Ornish M.D, another great source of information. After the serious accident of his former team-mate Felipe mass, announced on July 29, 2009 Schumacher now on his comeback in formula 1. Schumi is planning on August 23 in Valencia for Ferrari at the start to go. Schumis Mercedes was in the color Blauschwarzmetallic (199 G) on the 07.12.1992 for the first time on the Michael Schumacher Motorsport GmbH”approved and driven by Michael Schumacher himself. The car has a root wood trim, heated front seats, anti-theft system and automatic climate control.

Additional extras such as black leather, 5-speed automatic and Sportline chassis Sportline seats make the driver feeling perfect. Total Schumis sports Combi is located in a well-maintained condition. The car was restored by a Mercedes lover from Berlin, who now wants to auction his piece de resistance on an another admirer of Mercedes or a Michael Shoemaker fan. For more information and print material see: auction triumph tr6 built… Tamundo is a market place & community for special things. These include rare and unique collectibles. Anonymous mass and new goods must, however, “remain outside”. This is Tamundo Meeting place for people with a passion for special. Here you can discover things, bid, Act and interact.

German Wellness Association

beauty24.de is the strongest range Web site among the specialized Web sites for spa services. It found the current Spa 2011 sensor. For the independent study of the German Wellness Association and the GfK TravelScope 20,000 households about their experiences in your wellness vacation were interviewed in November 2010. ITB, Berlin, March 11, 2011. Wellness holidays are becoming increasingly popular with German tourists.

The wellness sensor 2011, performed from the German Wellness Association and GfK TravelScope, revealed that wellness 2010 have an increase compared to the previous year by about nine per cent. These are three percent more than the total travel market can chalk up at least. The Internet plays an increasingly important role, because it enjoys when booking the wellness of increasing popularity. Around 41 percent of the Wellnessreisenden, the Internet is one of the most important source of information. 2008, 30 percent of wellness holidays have been posted online, 2010 there were 40 percent. In the investigation of the wellness sensor 2011 also came out, that the site of the Wellness trip organizer beauty24 has the largest range among the special wellness sites.

Roland Fricke, CEO of beauty24, is very happy about this result: in recent years we have repeatedly entering new territory in the online marketing of wellness. We are honored, a renowned market research, as it is the wellness sensor, the range most powerful website for spa services to be in.” Beauty24 beauty24 is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany. Customers from over 8,000 well-being feel programs in over 600 hotels choose the motto I live wellness”offer focusing in Europe. Beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional Offers. beauty24 wellness are available via the Wellness Web site, travel agencies, TV and direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 19: 00 Wellness vacation hotline 01805 24 00 44 (0.14 per minute from the landline/maximum 0.42 euro per minute from mobile phone networks) or by email at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000. Press contact: brand gold PR GmbH Manja Buschewski coin Street 18, 10178 Berlin Tel. (030) 219-159 60; Fax. (030) 159-219 69

Relaunch Webshop Amitamincom

Amitamin products, known from the pharmacy, can be purchased now more comfortable in our new webshop. With only three clicks to the safe shopping! There are still many things about the always still does not like to publicly speak in our so enlightened time. These include also limited male fertility or premenstrual syndrome in women in addition to erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction). A good and sufficient supply of amino acids, nutrients, vitamins and minerals is necessary, because only so the full power of the whole body is achieved and get valuable health as long as possible, and in old age remains. However, there may be situations where the supply is achieved with what is necessary for a healthy life, not alone by varied meal.

amitamin products are developed based on latest findings of micro nutrient medicine. The dietary supplements and complementary balanced diets for special medical Purposes are composed in so that it involves food, no medicines or drugs. Micro-nutrients have can prove their effect such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals in various areas. PMS Redux for example provides the female body with specific fatty acids and vitamin E, which can be soothing to premenstrual syndrome. The vessel-related erectile dysfunction can be treated with vitality M forte support nutritionally and therefore it is recommended to supplement the daily diet.

fertilsan M is aimed at the formation processes of the male sperm. A lack of supply of micronutrients and amino acids will be as well as stress and toxins by the scientists for responsible, that the fertility rate and fertility of male Europeans has declined so dramatically: here those micronutrients can take one (s) with fertilsan M, for the production and maturation of the male Sperm cells are so immensely important. Web shop: new and with affiliate program products to a targeted dietary supplement you get either the pharmacy of you can trust or the webshop. It underwent a relaunch to their safety: with an optimized navigation, fast access to the critical information is safe. Only three clicks are necessary, so that you get your amitamin product as a dietary supplement, and thus to improve the quality of your personal life. If you leave the page, the convenient one-page checkout ensures a very easy shopping experience. Since 2010, the webshop through trusted shop is certified: This means, that each individual shopping on the Web page is insured up to a height of 2,500 euro through trusted shop. If you are satisfied with the amitamin products, then you can back up a bonus it more than simply recommend and are in this way.