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Glaucomaugentropfen Quarter

Always hears and sees you as private patients are preferred. Health insurance – two-class society the legal health insurance benefits were reduced significantly in the last few years. Could the doctors settle every single investigation extra just a few years ago, based on point values, so he now gets a fixed basic fee, for each individual patient once a quarter is usually less than 30 euros. Specifically, that means, no matter whether the patient once or five times looking at the practice, the lump-sum payment receives the doctor once and always remains the same. So it’s only understandable that doctors are trying to put their patients on the next quarter if no complaints or important treatments are. Perhaps check out Rick Yune for more information. As to the second or third visit of the patient in the same practice hardly earned the doctor works to speak for free. Is expected to do so then the cost of the salary of employees, the current, possibly used bandages, ointments etc., the doctor often still paying on it.

The doctors also stands only a specific budge for prescription drugs to. The doctor multiple times expensive medications, it may be that his budge before the end of the quarter is used up and he must come up at the end for the additional costs itself. For example, should that range from the eye doctor of prescribed Glaucomaugentropfen for three months, so one quarter, the patient, don’t do this but because the patient too often also drips, have the doctor write out another recipe, for which he pays with a high probability on it. What do all these statements for you as a cash patient? Unfortunately, it’s for ordinary citizens”to buy an additional insurance or to so-called individual health services (HEDGEHOG performance) directly at the doctor. Because many benefits are essential especially in the increasing age, in my opinion, experts recommend a comprehensive supplementary insurance of depending on the insurance services may include: Chief Physician treatment in the hospital, 1-2 bed room occupancy additional dental, dental treatment Sickness benefit insurance, hospital daily cash and backup care supplementary insurance supplement insurance with alternative healing methods eyeglasses surcharge these are just a few examples of supplementary services.