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Enfermeiras Obstetras

This reorganization of identity can scare and cause behavior alterations. With the presence of a companion for chosen it, the gestante will keep its ties affective, exactly meeting interned. Of -, therefore importance of the companion of its exempts choice. The accompaniment forms have varied according to social and historical context, being modulated from different cultural values. It was only with the advent of the hospital childbirth that the woman passed to be moved away from its half of its beings wanted during this event. In this environment, many women had started to associate the experience of the childbirth to the isolation feeling and abandonment.

Diverse research indicates that the absence of emotional support intervenes with the physiology of the childbirth, being that scientific evidences designate that the companion presence contributes for the improvement of the pointers of health and well-being of the mother and the just-been born one, as we find in publication of the National Net Feminist of Health (2002, p.21), where is registered that: The companion presence increases the satisfaction of the woman and significantly reduces the percentage of Caesarean, the duration of the childbirth work, the use of analgesia/anesthesia and ocitocina (to hurry the childbirth) and the time of hospitalization of just-been born … Such evidences had made with that the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) recommended, in the Conference on Appropriate Technologies for the Birth and Childbirth in 1985, the companion presence during the childbirth. Concomitant to such recommendation a campaign to the right to a companion of choice of the woman in labor through the Net for the Humanizao of the Birth was initiated (ReHuNa). In May of 2000, in So Paulo, the campaign launched for the ReHuNa starts to receive the support from the National Net Feminist of Health, Reproductive Sexual and Right Rights, of the Brazilian Association of Obstetrizes and Enfermeiras Obstetras and of the Union of the Popular Movements of health of So Paulo.

SHOVELS Exercises

In picture 04, the comparison was carried through enters the average values of (SHOVELS), (PAD) (DP) of the exercises of (MS) crucifixo (MI) leg press 45, with intention to identify alterations in the pressricos levels and the double product in the exercises carried through in the horizontal position. From the results she was evidenced significant difference in average value of the SHOVELS (p = 0,014) gotten in the two different exercises. To verify the hemodinmicos effect with exercises for (MS) the (MI), thread biceps and extensora chair respectively, they had concluded that as much (FC) the (DP) had not presented significant difference with load of 10 RM. Martha McClintock describes an additional similar source. (SHOVELS) the (PAD) is considerably higher when it is carried through with the arms that with pernas24. This because the lesser muscular mass and vascular tree of the arms offer to a bigger resistance to the sanguineous flow that the biggest vascular tree of pernas25. 26 had verified that behavior (SHOVELS) (PAD) in tests of 1RM submitted in the straight supino exercise and agachamento, mensurada in the rest situations and immediately after the execution of a series of heating and each one of the three attempts of 1-RM, in the analyzed exercises. The values of (SHOVELS) of rest had been statistical lesser (P < 0,05) of what those after observed series of heating and each one of the three attempts of the test of 1-RM, in all the investigated exercises.

On the other hand, no statistical significant modification was identified in (PAD). Proporcional23 is known directly that (DP) it tends to increase in function of the total time of the activity for one same load of work, of form. Thus, its values would be more sensible to the time of tension of what to the proper mobilized load.

Final FNPTempo Application

RESULTED the characteristics of the sample of the patient before and after the accomplishment of the technique in a period of two months. Table I, displays as it was carried through the test of antagonistic control of the musculatura of the trunk and its respective results before and after the method. Cardiologist brings even more insight to the discussion. Table I – test of the antagonistic control of the musculatura of Initial the NPosiesTempo trunk (second) Application Final FNPTempo (second) 1 Seated with the hands in knee c extension of tronco25,802 months 29,15 2Sentado with the hands in knee c trunk inclination side direito13,8720,46 3Sentado with the hands in knee c trunk inclination side esquerdo13,8119,53 4Paciente in DV with extension of tronco19,4921,55 the test was carried through with seated patient carrying through the movement of extension of trunk with intention to survey the muscles of the forebody of the trunk with duration of in the initial phase of 25 seconds and 80 thousandth, and after the application of the method a period of 29 second and 15 thousandth, for gauging of the lateral, patient muscular grouping was in the position seated with lateral inclination for the left side, was surveyed a period of 13 seconds and 81 thousandth, after 19 seconds and 53 thousandth, inclination for the right side 13 seconds and 87 thousandth, after 20 seconds and 46 thousandth later patient in ventral decubitus, test for surveying resistance ofthe posterior muscles of the trunk (paravertebrais) a period of 19 seconds and 49 thousandth, after 21 seconds and 55 thousandth. The graphical I serves to illustrate the results gotten in the test of antagonistic control of the musculatura of the trunk. Read more here: Professor Roy Taylor. Graphical I? illustration of the resistance test table II, shows as it was carried through the progressions in supino its respective results before and after the concept. Table II? Progressions in supino Initial NPosiesTempo (second) Final FNPTempo Application (second) 1DD for DLE4,382 meses2,08 2DD for DLD5,012,34 3DD for sentado6,905,25 4Sentado stops of p4,642,24 the tests of progression in supino had been verified with the patient in dorsal decubitus for lateral decubitus the right in a period of 5 seconds and 1 thousandth, after 2 seconds and 34 thousandth, of dorsal decubitus for lateral decubitus the left 4 seconds and 38 thousandth, after 2 seconds and 8 thousandth, of dorsal decubitus for seated 6 seconds and 90 thousandth, after 5 seconds and 25 thousandth, seated stops in foot 4 seconds and 64 thousandth, after 2 seconds and 24 thousandth, being these parameters harvested during the evaluation.

Decurrent Anemia

The anemia is developed slow and gradually, even so the blood spoliation occurs daily and in amounts until considerable. This thus is established because it has left of the iron of the lost hemoglobina for the hemorrhage is reabsorvida and reaproveitada for the formation of new hemcias. In this manner, until the supplies of iron of the organism are depletados, the carrying sick people of great parasatism obtain to remain themselves for period of relatively long time without showing any sintomatologia. The main cause of anemia for iron deficiency is carencial. However, afeces of the digestive device can cause or aggravate the corporal deficit of iron, basically, for reducing the absorption. (Moral et al., 2010) Thus the iron deficiency is a delayed manifestation of drawn out negative rocking of the iron or consequence of a insufficient one arrives in port to satisfy the increase physiological of the iron necessities.

In many instances, multiple etiolgicos factors are involved, as association of poor diet in iron and some source of sanguine loss. Some factors can determine a bigger susceptibilidade of the host to the intestinas infections, as imunossupresso or imunodepresso. 5.CONCLUSO Is established, then, the anemia, that if manifest in the spoiled organism of iron, which if sets the hemoltico component, the decurrent one of the malformation of the hemcias. Additional information is available at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The time that demand all this process, since the beginning of the spoliation until the establishment of the anemia, is relatively long, in the dependence of the lost volume of blood, the largeness of the deposits of iron and also of the availability and the capacity of absorption of the alimentary iron. As the hemorrhage occurs for the intestinal way, part of the hemoglobnico iron will be reabsorvido by the intestinal mucosa, and thus the installation of the anemia will be more delayed of what in relation to other ways of bleed, that do not allow the reabsoro and reutilizao of part of the iron of the contained hemoglobina by vol.

Smeltzer Small

The subclvias veins and internal jugular vein understand the veins central offices and comumente are used by doctors. To gain access to these vases allows to the administration of solutions hiperosmolares for being veins of thick bore. However, perigos are many and can include the inadvertent entrance in an artery or pleural space. Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) agree that in ideal way, the hands and the arms must previously be inspected with attention the choice of the specific small farm for the venosa puno that does not intervene with the mobility of the customer. All saw, prevents then the antecubital puno in fossa, except in last case.

The small farms of first choice are the distais veins of the hand and arm, way that In view of these factors then apply the bell crank after and, the professional palpa and inspect the vein, this must seem firm, elastic, ingurgitada and rounded off, no-indurada, plain or full of lump. The arteries are placed next to the veins, of this form the vase must exactly be palpado for the arterial pulsation with the applied bell crank, and must it canulao of pulsteis vases. For Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) ‘ ‘ The insertion of a catheter on the needle demands the additional stage to advance catheter for inside of the vein after the puno venosa’ ‘. According to Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) after the preparation of the professional, the choice of the type of device and the small farm for the puno, must be prepared this intravenoso small farm. Before the preparation of the skin it is recommendable to ask to the patient if it denies not the allergy to the latex or iodine, generally used products in the preparation for therapy.


The diagnosis can clinically be made when the injuries are visible by rough estimate naked, however must if made a distinguishing diagnosis in all the periods of training so that other illnesses are discarded. In the laboratorial diagnosis it uses to become culture of the fabric affected gotten of the initial injury or bubo. Imunolgicas techniques can be carried through as ELISA, direct Imunoflorescncia, sorolgico test PCR. However, it needs to be intent, it stops reactions crossed with other species of Chlamydia. The form to prevent the infection for Chlamydia consists of if preventing high numbers of partners, in practical of safe sex, as well as other infections. 2,3 Gardnerella vaginalis Is a bacterium that is present in the urogenital treatment of many women, who in normal conditions of the imunolgico state not cause damage. However, when it has alterations in the PH or microbiota normal of the woman, the Gardnerella can be disclosed provoking vaginose that it has as characteristic main the production of a esbranquiado escorrimento of ftido odor. In this infection it increases the number of Gardnerella bacterium in microbiota normal and the anaerobe number.

The diagnosis is carried through by means of the examination papanicolau. For in such a way, if it makes the collection of the secretion, to be examined by the GRAM method. In relation to the transmission mechanisms not yet total they are clarified. However it has indications of that women infectadas for Gardnerella can transmit for the man by means of the sexual relation and occurring the dissemination thus. In this direction the Prophylaxis to prevent the contamination for Gardnerella if of in the same way that the other infections previously designated. 3 3,1 TREATMENT FARMACOLGICO Trichomonas the main Trichomonas species vaginalis is what it affects the human beings, these cepas can cause inflammation of the vagina and, some times, of uretra in the men.

The Patient

The IC are a linguistic expression that it more describes of form simplified the direction of each one of the analyzed speeches possible, are a description of the direction of a deposition and an interpretation (LEFRVE, LEFRVE, 2005) .DiscussoA does not analyze of the data was become fullfilled through the transcription of the data, gotten through the transcriptions of the speeches in integrates, applying the technique of the DSC and using the saturation of answers, this in turn is the repetition of express similar contents for some citizens by means of interviews not structuralized by means of device MP4, where you speak of the deponents had been recorded. In the analysis of the information gotten in the interviews one identified to four ideas central offices (IC): patient; assistance; feeling and work, that seriously describe the perception of the nurses of UTIN in relation to the patient patient, follows analyzes below it of the DSC.IC: PacienteDSC: ' ' Burrow very with emotional of people n and if treating to just been born is a thing that touches more people. Each patient is an individual patient, it is small, is a more difficult patient to manipulate. One to be that this needing very the care of somebody, that depends on others to survive being been defenseless front its recovery and to the cares that need, a being that suffers, feels pains, does not obtain to speak, if communicates with the look, asking for that people help in that one momento' '. The story above sample that the patient is attended by the nurse as a defenseless being, that needs much attention, therefore does not obtain to communicate itself, being dependent of the others. The RN is part of the population that this subjects the risks, then needs much attention, must be attended as an individual being only for the cuidador professional, with actions directed for the shelter of the baby.

Patient Care

The taken care of patient, diagnosised clinically and tomographic is dealt with anticoagulants in the three first hours after the beginning the acometimento, has greater possibility to minimize sequelas decurrent of the AVC (9-10). The assistance, carried through through one has equipped to interdisciplinar, provides to a fast adequate diagnosis and treatment. It is in this phase that the professional nurse initiates the evaluation of the customer, diagnosising the factors of risk for iatrogenias, since the moment of the consultation until its hospital treatment. To prevent sequelas typical to the illness and to attempt against themselves for the period of the sick person in the hospital must be understood as a great differential in the process of whitewashing of the patient. The norteadora tool of the care in called many times of Process of Nursing or Systematization of the Assistance of Nursing, in order to become, but efficient nursing and to favor security in the clinical dispensao of emergenciais cares, can be based on scales of neurological evaluation, with motor and sensorial identification of dficits that give indications for the AVC place (11), as well as use of scales in the neurological evaluation of the patient with Vascular Accident Enceflico (BIRD) ischemic of the Nathional Institute of Healt (12), and Scale of Measure of Functional Independence (13-14) if make necessary, to follow the course of the illness and to determine the prognostic, the injunctions of iatrogenias, as well as reabilitadoras. The SAE DIRECTED TO the PATIENTS IN the SECTOR OF EMERGENCY ACOMETIDOS FOR AVC the effectiveness of the registers on the attendance given to the patients in emergenciais situations is an increasing concern in the units of health. The enough information of the data contained in the handbook of patients taken care of in the readyones are of great value for the current treatment and its continuity, and involve aspects of costs benefits, causing a bigger demand of attention on the part of the managers of the health institutions. .

So Paulo

With this declaration we observe a food example as a shelter, a consolation to supply some lack. In this in case that, the concern of a mother who is with an ill son. However the fact that will go interesting in them still more comes ahead, through the following stretch: In return for house, but still very shaken, I did not support the pressure that same I imposed myself to be an efficient professional, mother perfect (…) and pretty and dedicated wife (it looked in the mirror and it saw me tired and fat).

I finished falling in depression. (GOOD Magazine FORM, So Paulo, n.283, p.130, set. 2010). We see, in the period in prominence, the desperation of the personage in assuming diverse daily tasks and still, according to social standards of beauty, remaining pretty, lean and pparently sensual. As it did not live deeply this reality, was not capable to deal with the exerted pressure, perhaps for same it, she fell in depression.

It has advanced, we can perceive the fight against the illness when the affirmation is explicit: it was weighing 78 kilos and despaired to emagrecer when I was to stop at the hands of a completely unprepared doctor (…)? (GOOD Magazine FORM, So Paulo, N. 283, p.130, set. 2010). We notice thus the wild search for the aid that can lead to the ideal body. The search for the specialist, this in case that the doctor, translates this desperation, what Santaella (2003) calls of ‘ ‘ pulso contempornea’ ‘ for the search of the framing and possible transformation of what it bothers in them. However, we perceive that the search of the reader did not get success only with its force of will; she was necessary to appeal some tactics. The news article in the sample that stops losing weight, especially in this in case that, diverse techniques of manipulation of the surface of the body already cited in this study had been adopted. This is clearly when the personage tells: (…) At the end of the year past, I obtained to give the return superficially. With accompaniment of a endocrinologista, diet, RPG, ioga and aesthetic treatments, beyond therapy, I controlled the anxiety and the depression and reached the 63 kilos in five months (…). (GOOD Magazine FORM, So Paulo, n.283, p.130, set. 2010). It was only possible to conquer the body desired through these techniques of aesthetic improvement. The personage declares with visible satisfaction that ‘ ‘ my wardrobe GG does not exist more? today, use dummy 40?

Health and Behavior

Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise According to OMS, health is not expressed only illness absence. They are part of it: physical, psychological and social factors. The behavior involves psychological and social components that are the physical attitudes, day to day. Me the physical behavior is all the type of aggression imposed to the body.

A well appropriate example is the sedentarismo, another one is me the alimentary behavior, as well as the vices. Me the psychological behavior is generated internally, through erroneous thoughts and has as examples: The negative thoughts that can generate diverse psicorgnicos upheavals and intentions of practical that they attempt against against the peace of third. Me the social behavior is that one where the individual does not fulfill the rules imposed for the society and brings damages to third, many times, in proper benefit. One knows that the work is the way of sustenance of a civilized society. Some use illicit ways to deduct its profits from those that act in accordance with the laws. All me the behavior is generating of estresse. If the behavior of the individual will be incorrect, can generate disequilibria in these components, being able to evolve for the illnesses and, in the worse one of the hypotheses, to the death.

The good behavior brings balance. Buddha mentions behavior to it he disciplines and it as synonymous. Karmapa (2009) tells that me the behavior generates suffering for itself, for the others and of the origin the mental afflictions. The lack of time and of disciplines associated estresse to it generates psychological cardiovascular problems, psychiatry and. Full health (2008). These authors strengthen appropriately that me the behavior destroys the health gradual, or exactly short-term. Me the behavior takes to the one way of suffering, illnesses and many times to the death. Already one saves correct if it translates peace, physical, mental health and a happy society. What it is lacking all to adhere to this wonder? Bibliography KARMAPA, the Way of the Good Behavior. 2009 Mirror of the Good Behavior. Daily of the Great ABC. Column Full Health. 2008