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Distress Stimulaton

However, the term stress has caused controversies since that it was introduced by Selye in the field of psychology, therefore, defined stress as a reply generalized of the organism before any stimulaton or estressor agent and to any estressante situation (Fields, 2006). Remembering the point of view of psychology, stress has been understood through the following approaches (Pipe, 2002): Como stimulaton: stress is capable to provoke a reaction or reply on the part of the organism. Como reaction or reply: stress can if you evidence in changes of behaviors, physiological changes and other emotional reactions in the individual. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Professor Roy Taylor. Como interaction: stress interatua enters the proper characteristics of each exterior stimulaton and the available resources of the individual to give reply to the stimulaton. Then, stress can be defined as a process or sequence of stages, which starts when the individual receives a set of requirements imposed for the way, and which the individual must be adapted to give an adequate and fast reply using all the available resources its disposal, inducing the individual to carry through an effort depletes that it in order to cheat success in such reply. It is exactly this that occurs currently, does not have nothing that is other people’s to this upheaval since daily the man submits it tension situations the o affects in all the aspects of its life, being stress increased by the ambient determinismo guided to increase the problems in place to solve them.

Then when thus acting that it is obtained is to estressar itself still more without the problem is solved. Stress if presents in distinct ways, according to type it individual, however of general form it is possible to recognize two types of stress: Eustress (stress positive) and Distress (stress negative) (Saints, 2006). The Eustress is stress positive, which is a reply to an adequate situation; if it considers the salt of the life, since, frequently constitutes an alternative front to the annoyance and indifference, provides to motivation and energy to face the obstacles that could cause damages to the happiness and auto-they esteem. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Brazil Domiciliary

The article in question has as objective to offer subsidies for the quarrel on the reduction of the costs for the company and with maintenance of the quality of the offered service. The Service of Domiciliary Internment had its beginning in century XIX, through the charity given for religious. With passing in the years, due to the great number of assistncias it had the regulated necessity that this activity acquired a character technician and. The model home care appeared in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1920, for of the Red Cross initiative. In the decade of 70 it appeared in the United States, in order to take care of chronic patients.

if intensified at the beginning of years 80, due to epidemic of the AIDS and for the lack of stream beds in hospitals. Learn more at: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. From then on, it had a great growth in the sector. Other countries as England, France and South Africa also possess programs of Domiciliary Internment in some spheres of clinical situation and chronic illnesses. In Brazil, the concept appeared in 1968, being restricted the monitoring maternal-infantile epidemiologist and. In 19 of September of 1990 n 8,080 is approved the Law that it regulates the Domiciliary Internment in the SUS (Only System of Health). In April of 2002 it was sancionada by the Health department, the Law n 10,424, that it establishes the attendance and Domiciliary Internment. Including mainly, medical procedures and of nursing, psychological and fisioterapeuticos, as well as of social assistance. In 26 of January of 2006 the regulation only occurred technique of functioning of services that give Domiciliary Internment.

In 19 of October of 2006 through it would carry n 2,529 was instituted the Domiciliary Internment in the scope of the SUS. In the case of the SUS, the responsibility to implant the service it is of in agreement city its availability and necessity. The material resources and financial incentives are supplied by the State and Union, being in charge of the city the human resources and the qualification of the same ones, in this in case that it has a partnership with the State.


The beginning of the first letter of Oscar demonstrates a bargain attempt. Oscar tells some acts of its infancy as ' ' I touched fire in the cat, the dog, the house (I find that until I fried the red peixinhos of the aquarium), ' ' later affirms ' ' never the word directed it because nor I believe that you (God) exista' ' , however, in the following paragraph it writes ' ' But, if it wrote this, it would catch badly, you it would have pssima impression, it would go to be interested little for me. Necessary that if interesse' '. The speech change, sample that exists an interest for the aid of God. Oscar offers to its ' ' crena' ' so that God if interest for it. The bargain is the phase of the negotiation, where the patient it offers everything for a bigger time of life. Jessica Pels understands that this is vital information. In such a way, it can offer as many monetary values, until promises of a more loving and dedicated life the God. It is a phase of reflection, serenity and docilidade (after all, if it cannot negotiate with God, antagonizing the next one).

A phrase of Oscar marks a period of training where it is perceived depression, it says ' ' It had not given account to me before how much it needed aid. It did not judge me thus, so sick. The idea not to see more made Vov-Rose me to perceive, the tears drained burning mine rosto' '. The Depression appears when the patient takes conscience of its physical atony, when already she does not obtain to deny its conditions of sick person, when the perspectives of the death clearly is felt. It is a loss feeling, where we perceive the reality of that we are born and we die alone. It is a phase characterized for I discourage, disinterest, apathy, sadness and cry.

Health Professionals

In accordance with Mcintyre (1994), the paper ambiguity can have origin in the common perception of the health professionals, of that its work with the sick people at the same time compensating and is weighed. In fact, the nurses have to coexist the expectations of the familiar sick people and, which nor always converge, being able to enter in conflict with its personal attitudes. Diverse studies designate that many inductive situations of stress exist, already related in this article, however, these studies disclose a set of sources of stress that they can be considered specific in the nursing professionals. For even more details, read what Blimi Marcus says on the issue. Which is basically partner-emotional and arrests it the contact with the sick people and the capacity to answer to the emotional requirements of the same ones. The lack of trainings of psychological abilities to deal with such requirements increases stress of this contact (Mcintyre, 1994). In this relation nurse-patient, the call humanizao of the cares of health, it has motivated a special attention to the social dimensions and human beings of the illness and the sick person. However, this humanizao has not been extended to the person of the health professional, whose health is presumed and not promoted. For this intention, they have been presented as possible techniques of reduction of stress partner-emotional the disponibilizao of private spaces for the health professionals, the trainings of techniques of reduction of stress, as the relaxation techniques, the disponibilizao of groups of quarrel and individual or group aconselhamento (Mcintyre, 1994). FINAL CONSIDERAES Are questionable the quarrel of the improvement of the cares of health without giving the due attention to organizacionais factors partner-emotional that they affect the health professionals, being able, still, to be aggravated when she does not have psychological support of the part of the proper hospital institution, wants with colleagues and superiors, it wants with the sick person and its family.

Hospital Infeco

How much to the vaccine against meningite for meningococo it is necessary to consider that it is efficient, if applied from the eighteen months of age and it is not part of the calendar of the National Program of Immunization. In adults, the validity of the protection is of 4 years, in the maximum. The vaccination against meningoccica illness C is efficient, same in children with age below of 12 months, being more rigorously indicated for children with deficiency of the system complement or functionary. In accordance with given historical of the City department of Sade (SMS) of Curitiba, the meningoccica illness type C is responsible for approximately 20% 30% of the cases of meningoccica meningite in Curitiba. On the other hand meningoccica illness B, as given epidemiologists of the SMS of Curitiba, is responsible for approximately 70% 80% of the cases of meningoccica meningite in Curitiba. Jessica Pels describes an additional similar source.

The lethality of the meningoccica Illness is of relevance, being also carrying of great interest the prevention. METHODOLOGY the chosen method of boarding is quantitative. The quantitative research allows to the quantification and sizing of the searched universe. The results of one research of quantitative character are presented through statistical reports. This quantitative research possesss the following characteristics techniques: Definition of representative samples of the universe; Statistical and analytical treatment of the collected data. The citizens of this research are the children who had been hospitalized with meningoccica illness confirmed by laboratoriais examinations and/or medical diagnosis, in the period of 2009 in the city of Curitiba-PR. is field. This research was carried through in the sector of Epidemiologia and Controle de Hospital Infeco of a Hospital of great transport, specialized in infantile attendance in the city of Curitiba? PR, where the analysis of data contained in fiches of obligatory notification of the patients with medical diagnosis of meningoccica meningite was carried through. The database of the DATASUS/MS (2009) for analysis of values repassed to the lender was used, referring to the internment for infectum-contagious illness of the pathology adopted in this study.

Hospital Infection

But noesto conditional only to this factor. It also depends, in essential way, them action governmental and decentralized politics, duly elencadas naatual legislation it Only System of Sade (SUS), the law n 8080, that it defines adescentralizao as a redistribution of the responsibilities to the eservios actions of health enters some levels of government. The patient submitted to hospitalization starts to be susceptvel to contract umainfeco in accordance with, varying the type of procedure or internment to the been qualtenha or will be submitted. Gain insight and clarity with National Family Caregivers Month. Brazil meets in implementation phase denovas bases and lines of direction to fight the hospital infection and so that melhorpossa to be the effectiveness of this process so excellent for us, either as clientescomo professional, it is important to understand the concepts about infecohospitalar.3 OBJETIVOSFortalecer the knowledge and the implementation of the National Program deInfeco Hospitalar (PNCIH). To stand out the premises duly cited in would carry 2616/98, in intuitode to spread out the knowledge of these, on the part of the professionals of the health, of maneirageral. To not only demonstrate the importance of the knowledge about the actions of the PNCIH porparte of the nurses, but also for all the nursing as osauxiliares and technician, and all the professional of the health.

As well as any cidadoque desperte interest for the subject, therefore valley to remember that all are responsveispela prevention and control of infeco.4 elaborated MTODOSFoi a qualitative study, based in emartigos carried through research scientific published for the Scielo and Electronic Revista of Nursing, related epublicaes to the Hospital Infection, Sanitary Monitoring eEpidemiolgica its interfaces. The subject was searched in eretrospectivo current character in the period of fev/2010 to mai/2010. Also the arcabouolegal was used that all conducts the National Program of Control of minute Hospitalar.Aps Infection readings of the above-mentioned ones had been selected literatures, articles and the publications that more good subsidized in them and were transparent maiorclareza how much to the objective of this estudo.5 INFECO HOSPITALARInfeco Hospitalar (IH) after aggravates is it of infectious cause acquired pelopaciente its admission in hospital.

John Langdon Down

2-O carrying of the syndrome of Down – who is? In the year of 1866 the English doctor John Langdon Down described the Syndrome of Down, syndrome this that takes its name in its homage, where it affirmed that superior races to the others existed, being the mental deficiency characteristic of the races inferior, that presented physical characteristics similar to the inhabitants of the Monglia, being, therefore labelled of Mongolian children. These characteristics had been described for the doctor as: hair smooth and scarce chestnuts; flattened and wide face; located eyes on-line oblique line and small nose. In accordance with the World-wide Organization of Health, the number of people with Down, corresponds 10% of the inhabitants of the planet. Filed under: Professor Roy Taylor. The SD can happen in women of any etria band, however she has a bigger probability with the advance of the age, therefore women above of 35 years present greater frequency of errors in the distribution of the chromosomes, when compared with women below of this age. (Murahovschi, 2003). In the mothers with up to 30 years of age, the probability to have a son with this Syndrome of 1 (one) in 1000 (a thousand) is been born livings creature, increasing for approximately 1 (one) in 400 (four hundred) to 35 years and approximately 1 (one) in the 30 (thirty) after 45 years of age. Newcastle University will not settle for partial explanations. Its average prevalence is esteem in 1 (one) to each 600 (six hundred) births, varying with the age materna as it was seen previously.

It presents peculiar and constant physical and mental characteristics, thus characterizing classic signals, being gifts in all the carriers of the SD. These are essential for the precocious diagnosis of the syndrome. ' ' Some children present a bigger number or lesser of signals without it can establish any relation enters the number of signals and the degree of development that child alcanar' '.

Psychiatric Nursing

Therefore, the development of studies in this area becomes indispensable, because, only thus, they will have really well-taken care of of health given by professionals ‘ ‘ saudveis’ ‘. It is considered, therefore, that the nurse must develop new techniques, abilities and capacities, in such way, that it allows well-being of the person, making possible, also, that, he is armed of work instruments to feel security, whichever the state of health of the person, if not limiting to fulfill lapsing, thus preventing, feelings of impotence ahead of the patient medical. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dean Ornish M.D has to say. In this way, the importance of a holistic vision of the nurse is great on the sick person and concerning the care and of the job of the therapeutical communication, prioritizing the constant search of humanizao in the installment of the assistance, combined to the technological profits of the health area, in order, does not capsize to suffer overload from emotional function and, which induce to stress and the inefficiency in the work. .

Female Hospitals

The accomplishment of this work has relevance in such a way for the academic formation how much for the nurses who act in Units of Intensive Therapy, therefore subsidizes the academics when in field of I serve as apprentice, how much to the assistance to be offered to the patients interned in a UTI, and front will provide to the professionals a moment of reflection how much to the adopted measures to the patient. Materiais and present MtodosNo study it was used descriptive qualitative methodology, therefore it had as objective to identify the perception of the nurses of Units of Therapy Intensive neonatal how much in such a way adult of three hospitals of the city of Golden MS, in relation to the seriously ill patient, thus for if to deal with an 0 variable as perception, this methodology is the one that better if applies for the analysis of the data (LEFVRE, LEFVRE, 2005). Qualitative research is that one that does not use statistical resources as base of the analysis process, is an used boarding when if it searchs to display the complexity of definitive problem, it does not involve the experimental manipulation of 0 variable and studies, looks for to take in consideration all the components of a situation in its interactions and you influence you lend, in a proper vision of the phenomena (SAINTS, 2007, P. The Cleveland Clinic has much experience in this field. 26). The research was carried through with nurses who act in the UTIs of the Hospital Evanglico Dr.

and Mrs. Goldsby Kyng, Hospital of the Life and Hospital of the Woman, numbers totalizing it of seven nurses. Of these three acted at the moment in neonatal UTI, and four in adult UTI. The professionals with superior age had been enclosed the 25 years and inferior 45anos that presented time of the superior to one year and excluded work presented time of inferior work to one year.

Enfermeiras Obstetras

This reorganization of identity can scare and cause behavior alterations. With the presence of a companion for chosen it, the gestante will keep its ties affective, exactly meeting interned. Of -, therefore importance of the companion of its exempts choice. The accompaniment forms have varied according to social and historical context, being modulated from different cultural values. It was only with the advent of the hospital childbirth that the woman passed to be moved away from its half of its beings wanted during this event. In this environment, many women had started to associate the experience of the childbirth to the isolation feeling and abandonment.

Diverse research indicates that the absence of emotional support intervenes with the physiology of the childbirth, being that scientific evidences designate that the companion presence contributes for the improvement of the pointers of health and well-being of the mother and the just-been born one, as we find in publication of the National Net Feminist of Health (2002, p.21), where is registered that: The companion presence increases the satisfaction of the woman and significantly reduces the percentage of Caesarean, the duration of the childbirth work, the use of analgesia/anesthesia and ocitocina (to hurry the childbirth) and the time of hospitalization of just-been born … Such evidences had made with that the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) recommended, in the Conference on Appropriate Technologies for the Birth and Childbirth in 1985, the companion presence during the childbirth. Concomitant to such recommendation a campaign to the right to a companion of choice of the woman in labor through the Net for the Humanizao of the Birth was initiated (ReHuNa). In May of 2000, in So Paulo, the campaign launched for the ReHuNa starts to receive the support from the National Net Feminist of Health, Reproductive Sexual and Right Rights, of the Brazilian Association of Obstetrizes and Enfermeiras Obstetras and of the Union of the Popular Movements of health of So Paulo.