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The seeds of wild plants, and some species of economic importance present dormncia determined for diverse causes. Continue to learn more with: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. However, the majority of species domesticated and cultivated for the man, as: maize, beans, soy etc., rare present the phenomenon, in consequence of the election and genetic improvement. Thus, the quiescentes seeds are considered as advantageous for Agriculture; however, less apt to face the competition imposed for the nature. The closing of the period of latency (quiescncia or dormncia) establishes the beginning of the germination process. This has been appraised in diverse ways, depending it boarding angle of the question. Thus, the germination has beginning with the water absorption and if it locks up with the emergency of radcula through the tegumento of the seed; on the other hand, for the technology of seeds, the germination understands a commanded sequence of metabolic activities that results in the retaken one of development of the embryo, producing one plntula normal (Moraes et al., 1983). 3.1.3. Types of Substrata The culture of plants using substrata is one widely used technique in the majority of the countries with advanced horticulture.

The term substratum applies it all material natural, synthetic, residual, mineral or organic, distinct solid, of the ground, that placed in a container, pure form or mixture, the development of the system allows to radicular, playing, therefore, a paper of support for the plant. As characteristic desirable, the substrata must present low cost, availability in the neighborhoods of the consumption regions, sufficient text of nutrients, and allow to the aeration and the retention of humidity; beyond favoring the activity physiological of the roots (Leather strap et al., 2003). The importance of the substratum is vital, therefore it is where the system to radicular will go to develop itself, determining the growth of the aerial part, subsequently, until the transplantio of the vegetable (Jabur & Martins, 2002).

Rejeitos Treatment

Other joined residues had been the potentially infectantes – Group – and perfurocortantes – Group and – described for the responsible one of the sector as: gauzes, needles, removed bistouries, syringes, cotton, agencies, fabrics and blood. These residues are conditioned, collected, carried, treated and made use in sanitary aterros, following norms of the plan of management and the laws in vigor. Residues chemical – Group B – that they are the anti-retrovirais medicines and antibacterial products that are not used by any reasons, come back to the producing industries and take the destination correct, not causing problems for the generating hospital. Group C had not been detected radioactive rejeitos -. But a small part of the garbage, the papers clerical, is directed for recycling. Types of Residue Final Constitution Destination Group the Gauzes, cotton, agencies, fabrics, blood and syringes Units of treatment Group B anti-retrovirais Medicines and products antibacterial Returned to radioactive the producing industries Group C Rejeitos – Group D Remaining portions of foods, periodicals, magazines, bottles, packings, hygienical paper, diapers – I fill with earth bathroom – Recycling Group and Needles and bistouries Units of treatment Table 01: Types of Residue, Constitution and final destination of the residues. Source: Socor hospital, 2010. FINAL CONSIDERAES The treatment of residues proceeding from the health services is in constant growth.

The sector that gives this type of service commemorates this growth, therefore how much bigger the concern with the residues biggest also will be the profit with its treatment. The great hospitals, mainly, come searching this alternative to minimize the contamination risks and to get the green stamp, what very it is well seen since currently a bigger concern with the environment is perceived. , with certainty this will imply in lesser risk of contamination and greater useful life of the sanitary aterros, what it will imply in the correct functioning of it I fill with earth and minimizao of ambient impacts.