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New: Raynox Wide Angle And FishEye Attachment Converter

The outside of the lens – for spectacular video recordings from Raynox, the specialist for high-quality optical devices for photo and video, are available from immediately two new attachment converter for ambitious videographers in specialist shops. It is an impressive fisheye lens with extreme wide angle view, as well as to a new high-resolution wide-angle attachment converter with excellent video image quality. Both tools are ideal for videographers, who likes to look beyond the own lens – both in terms of quality of the result in terms of the best possible functionality. Raynox HDP-2800ES 0, 28 x high resolution FishEye attachment converter for HD camcorders and digital cameras Raynox HDP-2800ES of the new Raynox HDP-2800ES (0, 28 x) is an attachment converter that allows creative shots when used on a high-definition digital camcorder with extreme wide angle view. The Pincushion distortion by 64% while achieves an impressive FishEye effect.

And full HD quality, which to the other – extends across the entire image area – from a corner. You may find that The Cleveland Clinic can contribute to your knowledge. The converter has been designed to guarantee a precise focusing a zoom range which extends approximately to the five focal length by the extreme wide-angle setting. The specified 5 x focal length is with a zoom factor based on tests on high definition camcorders, less than 10-speed equipped. According to the HD camcorder model and its optical construction the zoom factor may also under 5 can be. The optical system of the Raynox converter consists of three free-standing lenses.

Manufactured using of optical glass with high refractive index, he characterised by special compactness and an extremely low weight of only 205 grams. These technical features ensure an extremely high resolution of 475 line pairs per millimeter – in the center of the image at an MTF contrast by 30%. To use a wide-angle lens with a small picture-equivalent focal length of 26 mm (or less), this allows Converter a diagonal viewing angle of 180 (construction set).