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Felix Rodriguez

the man is a poem woven with the fog of the dawn, the color of the flowers, the song of the birds, the howl of the wolf and the roar of the lion. (Felix Rodriguez of the Source) A few days ago the Rodriguez of the Source have been fulfilled 30 years of the disappearance of Felix, person who marked all a generation with her naturalistic conception of the life. She was pioneering actually ecological, in the spreading of the nature by TV, in the protection of the fauna Estudi Odontolgy and got to exert like dentist, but what he fascinated to him was the natural world, del that always learned something, already from its childhood. One of its majors likings went the falconry and got to be an expert of the world of the hawks. It obtained that it was created a station for the study and conservation of these birds. Thanks to him, Spain became the first European country in implanting laws of protection to the prey birds.

Through the small screen it was able to be the first disseminator of Iberian fauna and flora, to being a great creator of you bring back to consciousness ecological and conservacionistas. We emphasize its programs in TV: Wild Life , Blue Planet , Hombre and the Earth. This last one secured a great international success by the innovation of its news articles and the risk when obtaining of coexisting with a herd of wolves. Its commitment in defending the nature was incontestable. We can say that thanks to him the Iberian wolf continues existing, because it strived in protecting this ferocious animal, just like to the eagle, to the brown bear, the lynx, the wild male and the hawk. To Felix the nature must much to him and its track follows lives.