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Creating A Home For The Soul

Our homes have the ability to influence the state of our mind. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is actively involved in the matter. They can make us feel as if we plunge into the depths of despair, or they can elevate us to the top health and beauty. I believe that the soul suffers to be a safe haven – a place where there is harmony, because it is only there that she truly understands what is truly important in life. She yearns to be in the shelter, which harmonizes with natural cycles, a place where kindness, compassion and reason carefully cherished, where these qualities can be developed. The word 'soul' we use to describe the basic component or part of anything alive kernel center. In a deeper sense of the word describes the essence of every human being.

This is a place inside each of us, which is infinite, timeless and universal. This kind of substance within us that connects us physical body and our spirit with the great powers kosmosa. energy channels inside our house, we can create a spiritual model that will help us get to the core, the center of his soul. Using several the most simple techniques you can use your house as a kind of model that will help you reunite with the most intimate part of your life. You can create a home that allows your potential develop, and your heart – open. I believe that the human soul in his house will feel good when the four necessary conditions. Firstly, it needs a sense of belonging to this house, she wants to feel that it is actually tied to the land to the roots of personality.

Choosing Linens

Vybirayapostelnoe underwear, we are again confronted with a choice. What it – bright or calm, bamboo, linen or satin, which pattern? Should pay special attention to this because of this zavisyatnashe health and mood. So vybiraempostelnoe underwear? Color – one of the most important criteria when selecting . Need to know that our spirits and plans for the night depends on tsvetapostelnogo laundry. If you are very tired and valites feet should vybratpostelnoe clothes in quiet tones – beige, blue, pink. If Vyzaplanirovali candlelight dinner, followed by a night of love, then yarkoepostelnoe underwear, such as red, orange and even black. Criterion for second-choices of the material bed linen.

The most practical, as you know, yavlyayutsyalen and bamboo. In the winter – they are warm in summer cool. However, bed linen beleiz heavily wrinkled. Shiny postelnoebele – durable and pleasant to the touch, although the price makes you wonder. Not looking, the majority prefers to choose linens precisely because etoytkani. Kriteriytrety – is design. Small patterns promotes sound sleep and calm, a large well of passion and emotion.

Parent Help

On preparing the child for life at the school say a lot, but very little attention is paid to prepare parents for this difficult, and responsible for them period. Do you know how to help your child at this difficult time adapting to new life? Pass the first week of classes first-graders. Home all go on tiptoe and speak in a whisper when he makes the lessons daily through his notebooks, is praised for clean, without corrections page, marvel diligence. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cardiologist is the place to go. But gradually grown accustomed to the fact that the house was a schoolboy, and cease to be touched his school uniforms and satchels, painstakingly brought out the letters and drawings. No one regulates the volume of the radio, not calm kids frolicking around the table the student, no one seeks to put him to bed on time. Father separates him from the lessons, inviting together to watch football, my mother more often instructs to do little brother or help in the kitchen. No longer felt proud of festive atmosphere and, even worse, lost interest in studies student.

Parents are less and less help him overcome the inevitable difficulties in this period. So can continue until the moment when will get the first deuce or the first comment in the diary, the first negative statements about the child from the teacher. It happens, and vice versa, the interest for the beginner student does not fall, but on the contrary, is ascendant, getting ugly sometimes unhealthy forms. Together with the first five growing ambitions and demanding parents.


If there are vitamins buy (get) failed or to purchase them can not afford, remember that in those days when you do not see yourself in the sun (especially in winter), it is necessary to receive daily 500 units. Vitamin ‘A’; when there is a shortage of sweet drowsiness; recover not only on the amount of food, but from the limitation of motor activity; the normal state of health is no reason to drink less, no. If problems arose (edema, nephropathy), necessarily agree with the gynecologist regime drink (what? how much?). Hygiene Wash hands; more actively and more frequently than before pregnancy, brushing your teeth; bath is not desirable, optimum – a shower, at least once a day and do not have hot water; again wash your hands. What to wear? the fact that no pressure or squeezing, that emphasizes, that he (her husband) like; what is not cold and not hot; less than synthetics, so much the better; heel – yes, but an inch three not more – we just fall short supply. what to do with husband? remember that he is human too; to treat it with understanding; Encourage, do not forget to say thank you; recall that in the family, the head of which he is soon to become one person more, and, hence, it becomes even more important; if it does not whine and very, very hard to make your pregnancy did not cause his feelings of inferiority – not necessarily (if possible, of course) that he knew how strongly you feel sick – You do not become easier, and he will jump, all of this, sooner or later, boomeranging.