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But Mama

But probably not too much to ask. Here, it looks like in the pigsty. I can not fix it, if you don’t help me.” Preferably I would have now also started to cry. I know that I must help Mommy. You can’t do it otherwise. And I love Maxi also. But nevertheless, he is a stupid and Mama is also stupid. And finally, I want to know what is under the images. Get more background information with materials from Kenneth L. Davis, MD.

I think the book to MOM. Do you read me before?” Mama sounds terribly angry. You actually listen to me? I want to know why you did Maxi, instead of around him to take care of.”I have him not beaten. I got him off the couch pushed, because he is stupid. Biiiiitteee!” I press the picture book against her belly.

I need to know what is happening in the story. Slowly, MOM provides Maxi on the ground. He stopped crying and watching curiously. Maxi is so, so stupid. And you have pushed him off the couch. And now you want me to read something you. “Just stupid, that I now take away your gift.” Before I can hide it behind my back, she pulls me ordinary family out of the hands of history. She goes to the closet, there at the top sets the picture book. I’m starting to cry on. Give me back my book. MOM, please, give it to me!” But Mama shakes her head. I will read nothing today certainly. You don’t deserve that. If you’re good, you get back tomorrow it!” I can don’t wait until tomorrow. Today, I need to know what is in the pictures. All pictures of a happy family. They’re not fighting, that don’t move and MOM and dad are always there. I need to hear the story today. I must. Who knows if Mama is still there tomorrow? Then I will never know what to tell the many letters.

Wellness Hotel

“Beauty & wellness in Bavaria”, is the new 220-seitige book, the open and with more than a thousand images introduces 61 small luxury hotels in Bavaria, Germany. Who knows that not – they searched for hours each information source to book the right hotel for the planned (short) vacation, then on-site to determine that a few steps further a better and even cheaper hotel is located. This is final! The new book “Beauty & wellness in Bavaria – well-being and enjoyment” clearly presents 61 small luxury hotels in Bavaria on each a two-page spread. On the left the most important information to the hotel and restaurant – of course with meaningful images and prices. On the right side of beauty & Spa, richly illustrated and described with prices for the treatments offered and specials.

So not enough: The hotel page the environment with its possibilities is presented by the respective Tourism Association the reader. Here, you will find it! The schnuckeligem-3 star superior Hotel up to the stunning 5 star Palace – here, every taste is right. By the uniform design you can choose easily his favorites. On trendy reviews verzichet – will be aware because you know: opinions there are as many as critics! The book can be ordered free shipping via the website for 5 + 3, or cheaper via amazon.de (search word: wellness holidays). People who like BBs still cheaper spends no Chanterelle – the Bavaria overview page on the home page prints out – to select his favorite region (Allgau, Bavaria, or perhaps you would prefer the Bavarian Forest) and followed the links under “Hotel” on the homepage of its preferred candidates. Peter H. Postler description 61 fabulous hotels make themselves you here richly illustrated on each a double page above.

You will find but also prices for packages of any kind at a glance room rates (wellness for a steiger, romance for lovers, and so on recharge, pamper days, relaxing weekend) Before the hotels the communities show what to expect around your hotel. Of the 5 star hotel up to the cosy 3 star House, here everyone will find his real offer. You will not find trendy reviews here, because you know: there are so many opinions and critics. Only one can evaluate for you and you are!


GreenBalance is the free E-magazine for holistic wellbeing. The GreenBalance magazine greenbalance.at is a digital magazine in PDF format for all people who want to live in harmony and harmony with themselves and their environment. GreenBalance E-magazine will appear once per month and is free to readers. Topics of the interactive GreenBalance magazine are in addition to health and Wellnessthemen in alternative medicine for man and animal, organic lifestyle (eco-fashion, natural cosmetics,) and renewable energy sources. Links allow the reader deepen his knowledge interactively.

The November issue discusses the following topics: meditation with eyes wide open the Visual way to the development of the inner sense. The sense organs are the goals of our body, they link the outside world with the inner world and determine depending on our State of consciousness, how we perceive the world. Floco Tausin describes the concentration of the outer senses to in his post, such as meditating with eyes wide open inner sense can be drawn. Who or what are chakras chakras and what do we need them? Our body is traversed by meridians (energy pathways), which get their energy from our chakras (energy centres). Us the life energy flows freely, so we feel well. Monika Saskia Foune explains in detail all seven main chakras and the ability of the chakras deep cleansing the energy increase. Animal nutrition for dogs and cats healthy what distinguishes good from bad pet food? Vet like. Elizabeth Kasper explained the topic of nutrition on the basis of various criteria such as cost, durability, quality, composition, manufacturing process and integrity.