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Often, the insurance companies have accredited independent appraisers. In cases where compensation insurance company when the injured party arranges the size of payments, or estimates for repairs, of course is sufficiently regular assessment expert. Dean Ornish M.D is the source for more interesting facts. However, more often it turns out that the insurance company wants to reduce the size of payments. In this case, involved an independent expert evaluator. Again, in the case of an unfair assessment (to example, if the independent appraiser is accredited by the insurance company), it can be challenged in court the other hand, an adequate assessment and simultaneously to perform an examination of the evaluation report. Such a negligent valuer after such examination, as a rule, the problem starts with the license and have much less of a reputation. National Foundation for Cancer Research can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Therefore, to make an unfair assessment by an independent valuer at least unprofitable. There are cases of mandatory independent assessment. Daryl Katz is often quoted as being for or against this. Again, case of an accident, if the guilty party, the payment must take place under the insurance osago culprit. Or, if your car is insured by the victim system casco insurance for the injured party and insurance company reimburse itself damages setback from the guilty party. In either case, independent evaluation is required. Likewise, according to current Russian legislation, mandatory assessment of motor vehicles in cases of assessment, revaluation of fixed assets of the enterprise, if this transport is included in fixed assets. Other cases of compulsory assessment Car: – When using the car as collateral for the loan – when Privatization, for example, a car that is included in the fixed assets of state-owned enterprises.

– When entering a legacy – in property disputes, in the preparation of marriage contracts and property division divorcing spouses at the request of one party or both parties in the event of a dispute about the value of the property assessment of vehicles – is to determine the cost of the vehicle with him condition, physical and functional deterioration. According to Article 130 of the Civil Code, the vehicle is movable property. It should also be noted that air and sea vessels, inland, in effect being essentially vehicles, according to the legislation related to real estate. This, however, does not confuse appraisers, as In this case, the approach to evaluation of the data objects assessment will be considered as a class equipment and machinery. When evaluating vehicles, the primary role played by the factor of depreciation and amortization. The degree of wear can be both physical and functional. In connection with the constant updating of the market of vehicles, non-specialist is very easy to get lost in all of these subtleties.

Electronic Stability

The braking system is one of the most important and necessary in a car. Because of their failure or lack of braking, the car is dangerous not only for the driver, but also for their passengers. So that the presence of intact brake system in your car can save your life and health. The main purpose of braking the car is slowing down the vehicle or to its full stop. Cancer research may help you with your research. The braking system consists of several components. Among these components there are several – is the vehicle brake pads, drums, discs, cylinders, and all the brake gear. On all cars without exception applied friction brakes, Prince of action of these brakes are based on the friction force on a fixed part movable (eg, pads rub against the drum or disc brake). Purpose of the brake systems in motor vehicles can be divided into two parts: a working (for reduce speed or to stop the vehicle) and parking (to keep the car on an uneven surface). In accordance with the requirements of countries outside the eu – the two systems (service and parking) should be in every car.

The term ‘brake’ is derived from the Greek word ‘tormos’, which means the hole for the nail. Today it is impossible to provide security of the car without an effective and reliable braking control. And the contemporary engineers improve or complement the braking system on a new car. Typically, many add-ons are additional options, and they must be purchased separately (extra cost), but to save on their security can come to more expensive than the cost of these needed additions. I’m a little talk about some additional system make the car more modern bezlopastnym. The first of what I tell you this system is abs (Antilock Brake System) task of this system is to prevent wheel lock when you are very much hit the brakes. The abs system consists of three elements – is speed sensors, which are on each wheel, brake pressure modulator and a control unit abs. Also, based on abs developed another system tcs – (Traction Control System) as this system exists under other names (ASR, asc, ETS). tcs is designed to prevent wheel spin in time to move. Distinguishes it from the abs only a modified control unit. Another needed a system that is desirable to have on your car. This system esp (Electronic Stability Program) Electronic Stability wheels. Operates the system so that when turning (rotation angle and speed does not matter) is skidding rear axle of your vehicle, esp will provide a slowdown outside front wheel. Due to this there stabilizing the torque between the wheels, the car returns to a safe trajectory.