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Public Power

The ambient education meets in the development of social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the ambient preservation established, with the purpose to guarantee a quality of healthy life for the future generations gifts and, enclosing, therefore, a humanitarian, holistic, to interdisciplinar and democratic dimension of the ambient protection. In the process of ambient education, the ambient information possess an excellent one meant, therefore they make possible that the citizens can inquire themselves on the situation, organize themselves and influence in the public processes of decision, as well as demanding a greater and more qualified ambient guardianship. The performance of the collective can be materialize through the participation in the creation of rights, the participation in the formularization and application of for ways also judicial ambient public politics and. In this direction, 1 of interpolated proposition IV of the CF/88 compels the Public Power to divulge the content of the studies of ambient impact and to submit them it audiences, in which the citizens can clarify doubts, consider alternatives and present critical, which will have to be considered in the taking of decisions of the question in study. Although the importance of these audiences as mechanisms democratic educators and, these occur sporadical. Moreover, the participation of the collective in ambient decisions through countersignatures and plebiscites concerning the subject is guaranteed constitutionally (Article 14, I and II CF/88). The great challenge of the ambient education route to a democratic and sustainable development is, parallel to the taking of measures effective that guarantee the conservation and ambient protection, to provide to a critical and innovative education in the formal and informal layers of the society through a politician-pedagogical, democratic process and lasting route to the construction of a critical conscience on the necessity of the ambient protection and the change of the current standards of development. Therefore, the ambient education has a basic paper in the taking of conscience of the co-responsibility of collective in ambient protection e, consequently, contributes for the democratization of the ambient decisions.