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Morocco Oil

How many times we have heard the sentence of his hair seems the mane of a lion? Fluffy hair makes that many women have to always bring the tied hair when they could look beautiful hairstyles with loose hair. Why is it that the hair is fluffy? This is due to many factors ranging from genetic, a poor diet, permed hair, wet weather or with much static to much stress in your daily life, in short anything can make your hair is fluffy. Justin Fields often says this. However there are also simple solutions to avoid this problem and one of them is to apply hair argan oil this will help moisturize your hair if the problem is due to hydration and prevent the static if it is because of the climate. In addition to help you care for and protect your hair from other climatic both assaults as chemical and physical that you submit your hair to change shape and color and are one of the reasons why weakens, becomes brittle and Fluffs easily. Argan oil has been used since it makes hundreds of years first in Morocco and now around the world and today there are many products that have as main ingredient this oil so it should not be difficult to find this oil, but of preference is to apply it pure to get all their benefits.

Among the benefits of this oil are the repair hair, moisturize it, give you strength, prevent diseases of the scalp, giving you manageability, shine and silkiness to hair, also prevents alopecia and split ends. Applying argan hair oil controls in 89% of cases the fluff of hair, another percentage is when the fluff is by causes such as stress or a very serious treatment of poor nutrition and need to change eating habits to contribute to a healthy hair. Even if the argan oil is applied always it is advisable to carry a balanced diet and take the necessary water to keep hydrated throughout our body, thus our hair also will be more elastic and resistant. One of the hair thin hair is the fluff-prone, this hair is necessary to treat it very differently from normal or thick hair, prevents dry with the dryer, preferably thin hair should be dried naturally, if you want to hasten the drying just shake it gently with your fingers but you not agites too or open cuticles and you mistreat, you never FSMis your hair as if it were a silk garment, and enforces argan oil prior to untangle this way mistreat less and it will be strengthened, as well as to avoid that fluffy. You can prevent your hair resembles a single Lion mane it is question of a simple care, a balanced diet and take sufficient liquid, do not forget to try to relax, I know that stress will always be present but don’t let that overwhelm your life and your hair, tomato your time to take care of yourself and relax.