Sincere Excuses

I thought very about as to start this letter, I thought about writing the word ' desculpa' repeated times but I arrived at the conclusion that did not go to advance. For even more opinions, read materials from Daryl Katz. I thought about citing its favourite poem or some pretty phrase that attenuated its suffering but of new, I arrived at the conclusion that did not go to erase the past. It forgives me for having involved you in this entrancing feeling that finished with its barriers it weakened and you. It also forgives me making to believe for you that of this time everything would be different to make and to feel you gostinho of ' happy forever ' it only stops later, to pull out everything suddenly. I know that now you will be very difficult to make to believe the love again but I intend to fight with all my forces to see to smile you of new.

I do not only want to see a smile of ' I am bem' , I want a smile of ' I love vida' , I want to see with a full happiness and a hopeful look to you. I pardon me, I did not make for badly, really I found that everything went to give certain. He forgives me for the nights that you passed in clearly thanks to me and for that time I made that you to cry inconsolvelmente. Excuse also for to have you done to doubt reason, while its head said that you were in the missed way, I denied and continued saying ' he follows me, trusts mim'. I wait that one day pardon you can me and let us can come back to be accompanying. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Houston Astros. With love, Its heart.

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