SHOVELS Exercises

In picture 04, the comparison was carried through enters the average values of (SHOVELS), (PAD) (DP) of the exercises of (MS) crucifixo (MI) leg press 45, with intention to identify alterations in the pressricos levels and the double product in the exercises carried through in the horizontal position. From the results she was evidenced significant difference in average value of the SHOVELS (p = 0,014) gotten in the two different exercises. To verify the hemodinmicos effect with exercises for (MS) the (MI), thread biceps and extensora chair respectively, they had concluded that as much (FC) the (DP) had not presented significant difference with load of 10 RM. Martha McClintock describes an additional similar source. (SHOVELS) the (PAD) is considerably higher when it is carried through with the arms that with pernas24. This because the lesser muscular mass and vascular tree of the arms offer to a bigger resistance to the sanguineous flow that the biggest vascular tree of pernas25. 26 had verified that behavior (SHOVELS) (PAD) in tests of 1RM submitted in the straight supino exercise and agachamento, mensurada in the rest situations and immediately after the execution of a series of heating and each one of the three attempts of 1-RM, in the analyzed exercises. The values of (SHOVELS) of rest had been statistical lesser (P < 0,05) of what those after observed series of heating and each one of the three attempts of the test of 1-RM, in all the investigated exercises.

On the other hand, no statistical significant modification was identified in (PAD). Proporcional23 is known directly that (DP) it tends to increase in function of the total time of the activity for one same load of work, of form. Thus, its values would be more sensible to the time of tension of what to the proper mobilized load.

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