Thus the user can participate in open and significantly increases the potential for synergies. Knowledge no longer remains behind closed office doors, but will be kept across and person independent accessible. 3. the IT department becomes the consultant IT departments will be working less than classic helpers in problematic cases. The focus shifted back to the advice, to empower business users to create even the solutions for their applications. For this purpose, new skills in areas such as user training, helpdesk, and communication must be developed.

At the same time a clear governance is required to influence the dynamics of the so-called “user”Enablings. 4. models more important than technology technical issues will be more important in the management of knowledge and innovation. However is an upstream, preferably integrated model of knowledge and innovation management is becoming increasingly important. These different factors come to fruition: the objective of projects must clearly defined and embedded in a meaningful information architecture be, which does justice to the structures of the company and remains at the same time user-friendly.

Roles and responsibilities in the system must comply with the requirements of the departments. Sustainable implementation of the developed strategy, it must by corporate governance in addition be actively supported and evaluated over a constant user feedback. Description of the IPI GmbH the company defines itself as an intranet agency with a focus on corporate communications & business solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint. IPI is characterised by innovative products, strategic vision and excellent specialist knowledge. Over 50 employees operate at the interface between the departments and concerning it. experience has shown that the contact between departments such as IT, HR and communications in SharePoint projects presents a challenge often – which the IPI but love to meet! As a pioneer and leader in SharePoint technologies and solutions, the IPI focuses since 2002 on customised services around the topics: – intranet, extranet, Internet – collaboration, communities & Enterprise 2.0 – knowledge & innovation management the IPI accompanies its customers from requirements analysis, conception and realisation up to going live. It offers modern infrastructure consulting based on the SharePoint platform, as well as the adjacent technologies. The own business products and services of the IPI are tailored to optimally on the target medium-sized companies and groups. The references include BITKOM, Goldbeck, Heraeus, IKB Deutsche Industriebank, ITERGO, Stuttgarter Zeitung and Vorwerk. Company contact: IPI GmbH Stefanie Stang lower Industriestrasse 5 91586 Lichtenau Tel: 09827/92787 0 email: Web: PR contact: Walter Visual PR GmbH Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611 238780 E-Mail: Web:

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