Perception Results

This desrutinizacin on approval puts the resistance to the change, on the one hand, and generates to please and passion by the new obtained results. Of course, to the previous thing it is possible to be added that to guarantee in addition productivity, him is due to pay attention to the behavior of the equipment of work, to its restlessness, the needs of its members integrate that it, communication, as well as to offer the required support them in order that they can act without generating conflicts, support that goes from motivation, qualification, besides to provide the favorable ergonomic conditions to them, like also to recognize its yields profits, performance. A good productivity is obtained when they are had in addition or defined the rolls and it is had or clareen that the equipment centers their activity. On it Hctor N.Fainstein remembers to us that the equipment can to be well trims in the people. In these equipment the people to the task and the results privilege themselves. They are generally poorer in terms of enriching the productivity and improving the results. Their conductors and members more are worried and occupied by the interpersonal relations that by the other variables.

Equipment trims in the task. The interest of the equipment concentrates in the processes that are realised in the task. The permanent revision of these sometimes equipment prevents the perception of the necessity to contemplate the results and of considering the people. Sometimes in the implementation of the re-engineering of processes a certain tendency is noticed to be unbalanced, privileging the processes on the other incident variables. Equipment trims in the results. The interest of the members of the equipment concentrates in the obtaining of the results. The privilege of the results on the people and the tasks can cause that the equipment obtains high standards of productivity sometimes, but, the major of the times, these results are ephemeral and they become against the process of continuous improvement that is tried to maintain.

If the organizational intention concentrates in the results, forgetting the people and the forms to carry out the task, the results can be reached, but to the cost of a low level of motivation, sensation of not – property, an interpersonal conflicts and in many opportunities a certain individualistic tendency. When this happens, many organizations ” corren” in search of motivation courses, leadership, work in equipment, empowerment etc. In these processes of formation one considers that ” this is very good, very useful, but inapplicable in some companies, ” , clearly showing the contradiction between the absolute privilege of the results on the quality of labor life of the people. What one also takes place in the people who comprise of equipment in which she only considers the results (she tngase present that are certain equipment, for example in crisis situations, in which there is to privilege the results) is a high level of stress. Certain, that the management cannot neglect the operation of the equipment, be watchman in its behavior, activities and define its indices to them of productivity that hopes of them, to offer all the support so that they are obtained.

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