OLAF Eybe Discovered The World In Hamburg

Essener creative WINS photo contest by HVV and photographers during a joint photo contest of the Hamburg transport (HVV), the Hamburger Morgenpost (MoPo) could prove MoPo how international that is Hanseatic City. Hundreds of photographers from all over Germany were at the photo competition discover the world in Hamburg”. The Essen photographer and songwriter Olaf Eybe belongs to the winners. His winner motive now among other things presented in a calendar of the general public. Who wants to discover the world, has it not far to travel. Because also in the Hanseatic city you can find the Canadian wilderness, the Dutch countryside or the exotic marine life of Australia. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC may help you with your research.

Task was to take photos in the Hamburg area, resembling a known location outside the city. The first Cliff for the participants was an electoral process in the Internet. From the 30 images with the most votes, a jury then selected the 12 winning photos and others published in a calendar. Thai impressions in Hamburg Olaf Eybe participated with Photos, which he made in the famous Tierpark Hagenbeck. There, he captured an East Asian Sala who kidnapped the observer for Thailand.

Liked this image both the participants of the Internet vote as the jury of experts. Also his further contributions performed well and finished front. I am pleased that my photos were evaluated as positive. It is wonderful that to the package a day,’ in Hamburg. This opens up the prospect of new photos in the bustling metropolis on the Elbe me”, Olaf Eybe forward. See the winning photos and other submissions in: hamburg/entdecke_die_welt/index5.php more photos by Olaf Eybe see under: wallpapers Olaf Eybe, the winner of the photo contest, directs a communications agency in Essen together with his wife. Meanwhile, he is asked for support from its customers not only as a copywriter and publicist. Book him increasingly as a photographer. Since 2006 he is head of a tribe of the Association of Christian Scouts in his spare time and Path Finder (VCP). One of his photographic specialties is the wildlife photography. In addition to the current photo contest, the Essen won creative already different other competitions and achieved further good rankings. Text: Susanne Eybe more information about the press release: Eybe + Eybe text + image at the Memorial 12 – 45277 Essen phone 02 01/26 84 04 – fax 02 01/26 84 05 –

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