Motivation Results Survey

The goal of the survey was to identify the factors of motivation and demotivation of the people surveyed and which aspects they would be useful to learn how to manage. There were a total of 100 surveys, of which 65% were answered by women and 35% for men aged 25 to 45 years. Mostly they occupied positions intermediate and managers. This is a summary of the results obtained: factors that more they can discourage at work were identified: absence or poor clarity of goals and workplan little recognition Malas relations with boss or colleagues long hours and little flexible monotony don’t see results the lack of interest or commitment to professional paperwork poor education of people in the environment chaos customer dissatisfaction, these appeared disorganization among the factors which more motivated at work: new challenges good teamwork environment labor recognition objectives and view satisfaction customer satisfaction results of the job well done autonomy 99% of the people surveyed felt that motivation brings them benefits, among them: improvement of working efficiency. Help to be more effective brings perspective of future will face better obstacles emerging in the largest daily satisfaction helps move forward and prosper is easier to go to work reduces tiredness and works better also were asked about topics or aspects that interested them learn to manage. Este es el resultado por orden de mayor a menor importancia: 1) la frustracion 2) la monotonia 3) el miedo al fracaso 4) el cansancio y la falta de vitalidad 5) el enfado 6) la comparacion y la rivalidad 7) otros temas, entre los que se encuentran: comunicacion ineficaz, miedo a hablar en publico, y mala gestion del tiempo..

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