Managing Director

Bock refrigeration machines GmbH due to shorter maturities and less can respond faster and more efficiently through the use of an electronic change management. The application includes all the important details of carried out change, such as for example the description of change, the reason for change, construction plans and pictures. Due to the digital archive, all retrofit tasks in the areas of extension and troubleshooting of construction plans can be submitted at the same time to all concerned departments to release of the component change. This parallel approach saves resources and the approval process time is minimized because more are no delays by traversing from Department to Department. No decision makers must wait for the manual release of another Department. Change management is done with just a few clicks and goes through all relevant electronic mailboxes to confirm.

This solution offers in addition to the documentation improved comparing to last and current changes. The integrated search provides an overview of all previously made changes, and these filters for desired search terms (for example affected parts”or date”). This makes the management and archiving work much easier. The electronic management of product data and the changes allows a much more effective staffing and also has the significant reduction of consumables to the result. “, so Mario Gonitzer, Managing Director of zeta software. We look forward to another exciting projects with the Bock refrigeration machines GmbH.

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