Madeleine Delgado Linares

Why spring is ideal for visiting an AnnJoy lingerie and dildo party according to a study conducted by TNS Emnis the spring fever at 45% of people support the desire for sex. Also, an increased desire on shopping more than any third party felt in the spring. With 1,000 respondents, only sport and exercise in the open air was even more popular. Due to the change in hormone levels as well as the environmental factors that men and especially women love getting sensual hours for two or alone to spend, even about sex talk and whisper. Dentist has many thoughts on the issue. Convenient shopping and talking about sex can be according to Madeleine Delgado Linares by the home party vendors AnnJoy the visit perfectly connected with a lingerie and dildo party. The spring emerges as the optimal date for the joint visit of a lingerie party or a dildo party.

That reflected in AnnJoy also in the increasing number of interested parties. Party guests can meet in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, seductive lingerie and sensual toys and by the way Ideas for hot summer nights with their loved ones or pick up alone. More information on dildo parties lingerie parties and how to easily become a consultant there under. Kathrin Schlauch

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