Lose Weight Without Dieting

Be healthy and have a beautiful shape with no extra pounds – is the dream of every person. But the modern rhythm and way of life can not get it. Malnutrition, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and stress: all this is the "beneficial soil" incandescent extra fat. And one day, looking at myself in the mirror after an unsuccessful attempt to fasten your favorite thing, a person understands: "It is time to lose weight." Diet, exercise, limitations in food intake, intake of various food additives, of course, give the result, but at what cost? And what a disappointment comes after an exhausting struggle with excess weight (and any struggle ever ends), when the pounds begin promptly returned. Approach to weight loss should not be unilateral, from a position of prime fat-burning way or another. The main cause of obesity – overeating. In recent months, Preventive Medicine Research Institute has been very successful. In second place -Sedentary lifestyle.

If we consume more energy than spend, the excess energy (calories) deposited as fat. German nutritionist G. Ditshunayt, derived the formula: 3 = 2. With three extra pounds of weight shorten the life of 2 years. If the scheme (program) recorded in your subconscious mind will not match a more slender body, even if you achieve wonderful results with diets, then the subconscious will do everything possible to have the body returned to those boundaries, which correspond to former weight.

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