Klaus Hoffmann – Spirit – Live In Dusseldorf

The new album of Klaus Hoffmann – spirit – live in Dusseldorf – the test by Holger Sturenburg for over 30 years it is customary that everyone (!) Tour of the Urberliner Chansonniers KLAUS HOFFMANN a live recording, first, is published in the form of a double LP set, following the extinction of the old vinyl as a double CD. This is today being singer/songwriter for good reason, because in the Studio a to time absolutely super, but really he lives only on the stage, he goes to the fullest and are really all that he can only give his loyal audience. After Klaus Hoffmann largely in recent years was on the road with his congenial German interpretation of the most important title of his great Idol and counterpart Jacques Brel, he presented a silver disc with only his own material in the spring of 2008 in turn. \”Spirit\”, after all, a top-30 hit for a musician who never took care of fast paced chart success and just as easily corruptible musical Zeitgeist, is a classic Klaus Hoffmann epic, full of poetry, tenderness, romance, love, thoughtfulness and philosophy, if necessary a little swing / jazz heavy had fallen out, as some earlier. In short: A masterpiece for all fans of real music, for people who take the time to forget everything around for an hour and just only want to listen to, which would place himself in the thoughts, words, wording of the large Berlin singer-songwriter. Shortly after the release of \”Fuel\”, Klaus Hoffmann came, how ever and ever, accompanied by his longtime, currently four-man band – Hawo pale (key), Michael Brandt (git), Peter Keiser (b), Stephan Genze (dr) – extensive tour of Germany. On May 22, 2008, Klaus & combo performed at this concert tour in Dusseldorf; the Cologne WDR4 cut with this great event – Yes, and now is this recording in the form of the double-CD \”Spirit – live in Dusseldorf\” (silent music/Indigo) before available for every dedicated music gourmet. . Additional information is available at gastroenterology.

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