Kilovatios Consumption

A year ago the lights from the church changed which I attend. They were 18 lamps, 8 of 4 tubes and 8 of 2 fluorescent tubes each (altogether, 56 tubes). The new tubes are more efficient in the cost of energy: they produce more illumination with smaller consumption. The reasons were several to realise the replacement. First, the previous lamps failed much, did not ignite all, especially when it rained; secondly, the ignition system needed to replace itself again, something that entailed to arm scaffolds, because they are on 24 feet of height. Finally, it was wanted to save energy. The new lamps managed to offer better illumination us, still more, exceeded the illumination in the case of the cellar, because the new lamps have 4 tubes (the old ones had only 2).

When all ignite, it seems the operating theater of a hospital. Now we speak of the subject that occupies to us: the power saving. After a year, the power consumption of 1.125 Kilovatios (KV) a lowered 945 KV. The previous year was pleased $1.000 by the consumption, this year was pleased $1,015. You will ask yourself where it is the saving, if we paid $15 more than the past year? There the analysis enters. To the present price of the KV, we would have paid $1.900, if the consumption had been equal to the past year. That loss in the consumption saved $885 to us in only a year! Recently we replaced the incandescent light bulbs that were.

We only hope that action saves other 470 KV, in illumination. to stay the present prices of energy, we hoped that the cost of the current year is of $950. It is only demonstrated that you can reduce the power consumption in your own house, changing the old light bulbs (spark plugs) incandescent by the new compact flourescentes light bulbs. The cost of energy will be between 12% to 10%, which will be translated in a monetary saving. Perhaps you pay to more money than the last year, but never it will be the amount that you would pay if you maintain the same consumption power.

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