Inclusive Education

The NEW PERSPECTIVES OF the INCLUSIVE EDUCATION IN the SCHOOL SUMMARY the concern with the individual differences has gained a bigger prominence in the pluralista society where we live. In a boarding of attention to the diversity and the social inclusion, the education is presented as an important factor of social transformation, where new proposals are being developed around an education that takes care of to all the children and its different educational necessities. Word-key: Education. Inclusion. Necessities. Diversity. ABSTRACT individual The concern with differences has gained to greater prominence in pluralistic society in which we live.

An approach you focus on diversity and social inclusion, education is an important social factor of transformation, in which new proposals ploughs being developed around an education that meets all children and to their different educational needs. Keywords: Education. Inclusion. Needs. Diversity.

1 INTRODUCTION the inclusive process perpassa, for the overcoming and appropriation of the paradigms of the modern capitalism impregnated dominant in the current society, marked for the technological development and the globalization of the economy, communication and information. Systems that a entrecruzamento of the forces has searched politics, social and economic revealing of a degree of tending conscience and organization to a holistic vision of the human being and the eradication of all the exclusion forms. The Brazilian legislation gave a jump when LDB 9,394/96 (Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education), of 20/12/1996, left explicit that the special education in Brazil is syntonized the new world-wide trends, offering to the special carriers of necessities in the regular net of education. The Federal Constitution in its Art.205, affirms that the education is ' ' right of all and to have of the State and the Famlia' ' , corroborated for the Art.3, interpolated proposition IV, that it discloses enters the basic objectives of the Nation of ' ' to promote the welfare of all, without preconceptions of origin, race, sex, color, age and any others forms of discriminao.' ' Independent of the inherent adversities and contradictions to the subject in focus it is perceivable that the Brazilian society passes for a moment of transistion, in the institutions scientific, social, cultural, economic and educational politics.

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