How To Cook With Oil

Cooking with oil vegetable oils retain much of their nutritional value when used for frying foods, even pure olive oil is not good for frying, since it modifies its flavor when heated. The cooking oil must not be re-used, since constant overheating triggers a chemical reaction that can produce radical free. It is more healthy frying food in a small amount of polyunsaturated oil (sunflower or corn) or monounsaturated oil (rapeseed, peanut butter or refined olive) who do it with lard, butter or vegetable shortening. Recent medical studies related to the consumption of saturated fat with a high risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Go to Northstar anesthesia for more information. If the meat is cooked with oil, occurs an exchange of fat between the meat and oil, which can reduce the content of saturated beef fat. This does not absorb fat quickly, but if FRY breaded it will absorb large quantities. Cold foods at high temperatures (180 C) where it is possible to seal the food and minimize the absorption of fat. Sam Less UPenn has firm opinions on the matter.

Wait for the this hot oil before adding the food. The amount of fat consumed depends on the surface of the food and the amount of fat that absorbs. Large pieces absorb proportionally less fat than small ones. You can use towels or paper towels to remove excess grease. The sauteed, an oriental technique for cooking food, requires only small amounts of oil, and according to the traditional method, also a little water. The result is food to absorb small amounts of fat.

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