Guitar Tutorial

Want to play guitar? First you will need to buy a guitar. Give some tips for buying a guitar. The first thing to note is the course for the firm. The firm must be known in their circles like: Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, etc. Of course their price is slightly higher, but believe me it's worth it. Do not hesitate to ask questions to the seller, explain what you want and it will definitely help you.

I know there are not very responsive sellers, but in music store that is rare. So, we figured out the guitar if you want to carry it, you'll need to cover for the guitar. I advise you to choose a hard case, it will be guitar feel calmer. Inestrument we acquired Now we need to configure your instrument, for beginners I advise using 'fork'. Guitar set up, now you can learn methods of playing on it. About a musical instrument, I will not tell.

Let's talk about playing the chords. I advise to start to learn the most basic chords, popularly known as' thieves' chords' are the chords – Am, Dm, E. The idea for these chords you can play almost any song, but it will not sound so nice. Further study guitar battle, of which there are many, the most common bout it – 'bout six. " More detail can learn a battle in Guitar Tutorial or visit the forum guitarists. How to choose a mediator? The mediator (otherwise plectrum) is used to pinching the strings on the guitar and other stringed instruments and is usually a plate of various sizes and shapes. Of course, the mediator can easily make and myself, I like making them from plastic bottles, my friend – all of plastic payment cards or online maps. Today's picks are made of different materials do not believe it – metal, bone, plastic and even wood, plastic is the cheapest and common option. Daryl Katz may find this interesting as well. There are mediators of various thicknesses. Which to choose? Now I try to tell you this. There are mediators with different designs and different colors, but the sound of it or does not affect. Thickness mediators are different, but the most common thickness of 0.38 – 3 mm. The thickness of the mediator to retrieve the sound timbre changes. The thinner the pick, the more high frequency components in the signal spectrum. When playing as a thick mediator of the sound becomes more dense. Usually thick mediators play solo guitar is as expressive. When the guitarist plays the accompaniment, he takes thin. But I tell you a secret proffesionaly yet stop at the "thick" neurotransmitters. Poprobute play with mediators with different thicknesses and I am sure you stop your choice on a toast:)

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