Germany Companies Give Away Billions Of Euros!

Professional Web controlling urgently required! Landshut: Years Frank Witte, Managing Director of the company focuses on Web – analysis in Landshut, with this topic and says clearly: “who runs business, not coming to professional Web optimization”! The company Web – analysis is specialised in advisory services to improve online performances. Even about half of large corporations, the wishes of their customers without Web controlling and therefore the possibility to understand or to customize their Web pages on a better usability. At shop around 10% of the user exit shopping alone because of complicated registration forms systems prematurely. “It is often only small things, the Einkaufswillige on the final stop. Them to recognize and optimize the website brings significant sales potential”, forecasting, Managing Director of Web Analytics, Frank Witte. A good Web controlling solution determined one not only basic information such as entry and exit pages Visitors or the pages that are called during the site visit. It parses the information deeper, to help answer the two most important questions such as shop operator: how to get visitors to my site and how I move them to the shopping? Competent individual support together with the use of appropriate software provides crucial information: about the keywords most visits come from where, to the number of page views the sales cause, promising user profiles, purchase orders, revenues and results of the implemented marketing campaigns, to the most successful affliates and keywords, the ratio of new to regular customers as well as to the sale of individual products by category, Categories, order number or article positioning, and much more. A detailed inquiry together with a concise treatment of the results provides concrete recommendations for action to the gradual optimization of the website.

Only 25% of all German banks and utilities targeted insert Web controlling. Many medium-sized companies completely renounce their Internet presence with the help of Web analytics success control. “With qualified IT consulting staff/indoor local we want to increasingly show interested customers the possibilities of Web – Analytics and offer solutions that are tailored to them. To do this we are looking for nationwide about 10 more employees who fit in our local service team and want to work with us in the long term”, says Frank Witte..

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