George Clooney – Wedding This Year?

George Clooney & Sarah Larson wedding this year? Now, all mothers-in-law and female fans before their George Clooney posters will sit and mourn that the attractive Bachelor is back in firm hands. Clooney himself denied all rumours about an upcoming wedding, even says that he is no longer created for traditional marriage at the age of 48, but one can assume that it is just red herrings. Finally the beautiful Italian of Canalis, former model and actress, her sizillianisches blood and temperament would bring to the boil, Clooney should they, like their predecessors, Lisa Snowdon and Sarah Larson, do not lead to the altar. As Italian media reports, George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis want to get married on a cruise ship off the coast of Portugal, to create so the press from the neck. Allegedly, pairs celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as the good friend will be Matt Damon and actress Julia Roberts on the list. Is it coincidence that Clooney last its so far Roll the finger in the comedy film American who burns up here”played? At least the German title gives reason to assume that it is serious with the wedding. You could also specify as an indication that the former security guard, in this movie embodies the George Clooney, named Harry pastor. Are there hidden signals of a Clooney, who plays with the press and his fans of cat and mouse and it laughs themselves in their sleeves? Perhaps Clooney and Canalis met earlier and been playing with the idea to marry? We will have to be patient us probably until the end of the year, until we have clarity.

In the meantime, there remains all Clooney fans hope that their star differently but still think about it. Yes, it would not be the first time that George Clooney jumps off at the last moment and makes a large curve around the altar. “Maybe he gets even tips of his acting co-star Julia Roberts, already in the film the wedding runaway” gained experience with the escape of the altar. Clooney posters

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