Free Radicals

Several studies have concluded that high amounts of iron can increase oxygen free radicals in the body. The reason is the rapid oxidation that suffers from this metal and its reaction with organic molecules to form reactive species oxygen that increase oxidative stress, which is harmful for the body. The damage results from the accumulation of these radicals in various organs such as liver, pancreas, heart, joints and skin, and even neurons, leading to Alzheimer’s disease, for example. It also has to do with endothelial dysfunction. For studies of free radicals talk about the relationship of vitamin C and oxidative damage that may result in the individual.Ascorbic acid promotes the intestinal absorption of iron, which is beneficial for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia, but not well known whether it also increases the absorption in people with iron overload. The studies support that large amounts of imbalances do not produce vitamin C in iron absorption in healthy people and either heterozygous for the mutation of the HFE gene but no evidence for contrasting homozygotes. It has been demonstrated that in vitro, vitamin C acts as a pre-oxidant in the presence of transition metals such as iron, but their in vivo functions are known as one of the main antioxidants with that account human body.

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