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Are domains only an appendage to the Web hosting? Mistake! The registry has become a complex industry with specialists. There are only a few small letters. Sometimes two, often three, before a point. But without them, nothing goes on the Internet: the right domain can be decisive in the competition, and who loses by a breakdown at the Registrar, at least in the short term is deleted from the virtual world map: site, shop, email nothing more. A large proportion of companies managed domains through their Web provider that operates the theme often only incidentally, Thorsten Smeets, COO of key-systems, says one of the largest domain experts all over the world.

His domains by someone manage to leave that is specialized on the subject, offers clear advantages. The offer was clearly comprehensive, the service better; the administration of easier, faster and more reliable, as Smeets. In General, the specialists are even cheaper. The market for domain name registration has become extremely cluttered. About 140 so-called registries, the Manage Internet domain organizations such as in Germany the DENIC, lead more than two hundred million domain names ending in a total of about 150 top level domains, so the extensions such as .COM, .DE or. ORG. Twelve million domains are registered on the German .DE ending.

The entries in the registries undertake so-called registrars. You are authorized by the respective registries. Since each registrar can be but basically and fallow between them sold domains, is hardly transparent to the end user, who now has access to the registry. That may be but of great importance, especially in the registration of addresses with new domain extensions, such as the recently introduced.ME. Newly available at the in December.TEL domain it is advisable to rely on an experienced partner. The reliability of the registration and administration of domains depends on the performance of the technical systems, which provide their customers with the domain provider, essentially. How to stop through key-systems for example, special protection functions unintended domain name transfers or deletions that can lead to complications for the customers. In the very worst case, that can be directly the deletion of domain name services for the operator of an online shop which is dependent on the existence of Web page and email. Key-systems, based in Zweibrucken, Germany this year celebrates its 10th anniversary and 2008 according to the consulting firm Deloitte is also one of the ten fastest-growing companies in Germany. An end customer portal in five languages offered by key-systems at About key-systems key-systems GmbH, founded in 1998, handles the registration of Internet domains are country-specific and generic. The full technical con troll through the registration process of the do main ensures key-systems with direct access to all registrars. By key-systems specially developed which software solutions enable Resel learning and end customers the quick registration rung and easily manage of their inter-net addresses. For maximum Ausfallsi security provides the placement of servers by key-systems in different international locations. Currently Zweibrucken manages key-systems of the lower nehmensstandort over 2.5 million domains customers from 200 lan countries. This makes one of the domain expert for the 20 biggest and fastest growing – the ICANN registrars worldwide. Press contact: talkabout communications gmbh 81541 Munich Sabine Fach / Christina hamisu Balogun Tel: + 49 89 459954-21 / -18 E-Mail: / Internet:

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