Distress Stimulaton

However, the term stress has caused controversies since that it was introduced by Selye in the field of psychology, therefore, defined stress as a reply generalized of the organism before any stimulaton or estressor agent and to any estressante situation (Fields, 2006). Remembering the point of view of psychology, stress has been understood through the following approaches (Pipe, 2002): Como stimulaton: stress is capable to provoke a reaction or reply on the part of the organism. Como reaction or reply: stress can if you evidence in changes of behaviors, physiological changes and other emotional reactions in the individual. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Professor Roy Taylor. Como interaction: stress interatua enters the proper characteristics of each exterior stimulaton and the available resources of the individual to give reply to the stimulaton. Then, stress can be defined as a process or sequence of stages, which starts when the individual receives a set of requirements imposed for the way, and which the individual must be adapted to give an adequate and fast reply using all the available resources its disposal, inducing the individual to carry through an effort depletes that it in order to cheat success in such reply. It is exactly this that occurs currently, does not have nothing that is other people’s to this upheaval since daily the man submits it tension situations the o affects in all the aspects of its life, being stress increased by the ambient determinismo guided to increase the problems in place to solve them.

Then when thus acting that it is obtained is to estressar itself still more without the problem is solved. Stress if presents in distinct ways, according to type it individual, however of general form it is possible to recognize two types of stress: Eustress (stress positive) and Distress (stress negative) (Saints, 2006). The Eustress is stress positive, which is a reply to an adequate situation; if it considers the salt of the life, since, frequently constitutes an alternative front to the annoyance and indifference, provides to motivation and energy to face the obstacles that could cause damages to the happiness and auto-they esteem. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has plenty of information regarding this issue.

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