Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is a Chinese ancestral technique that is used for thousand of years for the lightening of the pain and annoyances brought about by hundreds diseases. This technique perhaps is associated with the Chinese traditional medicine and at the moment it is studied and practiced anywhere in the world by thousands of people. The treatment of acupuncture is based on the insertion of small needles in the acupunturales points. According to the Chinese philosophy, the energy of the life crosses the bodies throughout denominated meridians ” King”. The amount of ” kings” ordinary correspond with the 12 organs. With these points added to those of the extraordinary meridians, it is arrived at a total of 361 acupunturales points.

The practice of acupuncture is one of the nonformal practices of the medicine that have had better acceptance between the patients, like thus also in the medical world. So it is so at the moment the World-wide Organization of the Health recognizes technical acupuncture as sanatoria and encourages to her use and its deep scientific research. All this can be exteeder to a possible application of acupuncture for acufenos. At the moment the WHO has standardized a nomenclature of the acupunturales points that although they do not correspond completely with the Chinese tradition, favor their implementation and study on the part of the western world or of those who are not familiarized with the Eastern philosophies. The amount of professionally registered cases of success like part of clinical tests is really surprising. Although medical science not yet has determined the scientific causes of the sanacin or lightening of the pain, it is considered that acupuncture acts directly on the nervous system stimulating, limiting or controlling the nervous impulses responsible for certain malaises or pains.

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