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The Classification Of BMI

Body-mass-index is good not for the assessment of disease threats Leipzig 23.03.2010 – people who apply to parent – or underweight due to this classification of BMI should rather find the death diseases. These are high-risk patients who need medical assistance or help with diet programs! Can be actually with a people’s health the BMI (which that is divided from the weight by the height in meters squared)? Lead investigator Harald Schneider “(Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat, Munich) said that BMI plays no role for heart attack, stroke or death risk of people. This measure was not suitable as a predictor of disease risk, which is linked with obesity (Journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism). Earlier studies have shown that obese with a BMI between 25 and 30 live longer than normal. A BMI over 35 would only shorten the life time. For the current study evaluated data around 10,000 participants over a period of four to eight and a half years. The visceral fat that accumulates in greatly obese people in the abdominal cavity by surrounding the viscera, is, however, actually unhealthy. The Blackstone Group is the source for more interesting facts.

It affects the metabolism and can promote high blood pressure, high blood lipids and insulin resistance. Source: Journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism, and even a quote: source: – the health researcher Dr. Heather Orpana has compared the data from 11,000 Canadians with each other. Your result: Light overweight people with a BMI between 25 and 29.9 had a 17 percent lower risk of death than normal. Book tips author Sabine Beuke: “unacceptable” conditions – last resort by low-carbohydrate diet low carb. Without hesitation Steven Rosenthal Northland explained all about the problem. ISBN: 978-3-86850-551-1 (BoD Verlag). My friendly kitchen – help with intestinal and digestive problems, with quick and low-carbohydrate recipes. ISBN 978-3-8391-5192-1 (BoD Verlag).

“International low carb-” Dishes”. ISBN: 978-3-86850-551-1 (e-book publisher tredition). Company details, see Jutta Schutz book tips. Company information: Jutta Schutz (journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (also about low-carb).

Vaccination Against Swine Flu

The information about the swine flu – vaccination are contradictory, because international food control. Independent information is important for a decision for or against vaccination. Comments on the vaccination against the first wave of swine flu swine flu is over. A second threatens in the next few months? After the slow start of vaccination against swine flu (influenza A/H1N1) in Germany, the virus warn politicians and experts before that, the danger to be underestimated disease. Given these forecasts, it intends to increase vaccination willingness in Germany.

To determine a low willingness to vaccinate themselves is generally. This also applies for doctors, nursing staff, and the rest of the population, where the vaccination rate of the latter experience has shown that low is. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended already mid-2009 to vaccinate mainly medical personnel to maintain the functioning of the health system. At the same time, it was left to the national authorities, certain groups to be vaccinated as a priority. These include children and young people, and persons under the age of 50 who have a lower natural immunity against the H1N1 virus. Also pregnant, elderly, people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system or people who are overweight. Recommendations of the Standing Committee of vaccination stating that all citizens against swine flu vaccination should be.

In this regard, the Robert-Koch Institute announced that vaccination is sufficient. It is similar to past influenza pandemics of several waves. In Germany, health authorities and doctors vaccinate in most cities. Experts point out, again, that there were so far no single death in Germany, which is to bring the vaccine against swine flu in the context. Although swine flu is harmless than initially forecasted, the vaccination among children from the sixth month is recommended. A half dose of the H1N1 vaccine is sufficient for children aged from six months to nine years. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Shlomo Rechnitz. AB a one-time vaccination is ten years old. People who already had flu symptoms, will be also advised to immunize themselves against the H1N1 virus. What vaccines are used? The most common vaccines are Pandemrix, produced from a fraction of a virus hull bred viruses with working amplifier and Celvapan, produced by viruses grown in mammalian cells without active amplifier from complete virus envelopes, within the European Union. The latter applies especially in Austria. In contrast to Pandemrix, Celvapan is indeed free of adjuvants such as squalene, but has a higher rate of adverse effects than whole virus vaccine. Celvapan was used for members of the Bundeswehr and some federal agencies. Pure gap vaccines without adjuvants are not used in Germany. It is furthermore also planned to vaccinate pregnant women without active amplifier.

Mail-order Catalog To The Rose Pharmacy

Online pharmacy makes medication order via mail-order catalog customers and customers of the pharmacy to the rose can take advantage of the print mail-order catalogue known to them now available as online-version on the Internet page of the rose. There, the online catalogue offers the possibility to browse with a mouse click. The desired articles directly from the catalogue in the shopping cart can be created via a direct link of the presented items in the catalog to the respective page in the online-shop of the pharmacy. Easily browse and navigate is the catalogue with the paper version of the rose catalog identical, the online version also has a variety of additional functions: for example, can the readers bookmark, as it is common also in Web pages, in the catalogue and know that direct on which side the desired drugs are or where in the catalogue he has stopped. Steven P Rosenthal Northland takes a slightly different approach. About the contents, the customer has the opportunity to directly in a desired category such as, for example, vitamins & Food supplements, pain & injuries, jump eyes & ears or Christmas deals and where to search for suitable articles.

An index of all medicines and medical devices in the rose catalog makes ordering in addition. If you want, can print the catalogue of course also completely or only single via the print function. Complementary health tips and information about recipe redemption as found in the paper version of the catalog of the customer in the online catalog as well as information about the offered drugs and their effects also information about current health topics and last-minute offers. In a detailed explanation, the visitors also, as he learns a prescription medication at can refer to the rose. About the rose of the pharmacy to the Rose Hall (Saale) is one of Germany’s leading mail-order pharmacies. The range includes also non-prescription medicines, health products, and pharmacy cosmetics in addition to medicines on prescription and kannsowohl about the online as also the print, fax and be ordered by phone.

For a consultation, to order expert pharmacist and PTAs are available. The non-prescription medicines, significant price advantages compared to inpatient pharmacies offers to the rose. The Rose has been active since December 2004 on the German market and supplies over one million customers and customers. The Pharmacy was awarded the title good”by Stiftung Warentest (10/2007) and is registered in the shipping pharmacy register of the DIMDI.

Indoor Cycling Experience

The Diplomatic Park Suites is an exclusive accommodation in Mendoza, designed for the Executive of the 21st century. The business traveller will find in Diplomatic Hotel full logistical and communication, support further develop its commercial activities in the most efficient manner possible. To deepen your understanding Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. is the source. Thus, the passenger will feature 3 G telephony, multimedia equipment of last generation to carry out the most impressive presentations, connectivity to WiFi internet in the entire surface of the hotel, a complete Business Center, pcs and fax machines, and in case of need, secretarial service, translator, messaging and janitor. In this way, the passenger can optimize your stay in this accommodation in Mendoza, minimizing downtime and unproductive waiting times. This is crucial for companies engaged in a significant reduction of costs, since to shorten times out of the Office, to take advantage is the time to the maximum. This accommodation in Mendoza also provides comprehensive solutions in what makes organization of corporate events. Both as if it’s a small meeting as an event for hundreds of people, the Diplomatic Hotel has facilities suitable for every need. Please visit Steven Rosenthal Northland if you seek more information.

Not only it is possible to hire the place, but a whole series of additional services such as multimedia equipment, catering and auxiliary personnel. In short, everything you need to make a success of that meeting in this accommodation in Mendoza from minute one. The Diplomatic Hotel guests, unlike other accommodations in Mendoza, can enjoy many exclusive benefits. Among them, mention the Health Club movement, fitness boutique & spa. In these facilities, passengers can relax, take a massage or a revitalizing treatment, and then enjoy a relaxing sauna bath. The Health Club has circuit of water, Indoor Cycling Experience, Pilates, aamsajes and relaxing treatments and relieving. Then, it is possible to gain access to the swimming pool with solarium on the 17th floor.

Indoor Cycling Experience

Tourism in Mendoza invites to be seduced by nature. The charm of the imposing snowy landscapes is ideal to forget the routine and relax in a framework of peace, mountains and fresh air. That’s why major Mendoza hotels offer an interesting variety of spa services, activities and treatments to leave everything aside and face the return home with renewed energy. Only 38 Km away from the city of Mendoza, on the banks of the river of the same name, the Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta offers everything you need to make the most of this wonderful complex of mineral springs. In this unmissable of tourism in Mendoza the bet to relaxation is total.

As just an example only: within the premises of the hotel, located in the heart of the cordillera of the Andes, there is no signal for cell phones. Contact information is here: Steven P Rosenthal Northland. The menu of relaxing treatments is wide and varied, and includes mud therapy, Scottish shower, hydromassage and relaxing massages. Thermal swimming-pools and the unique thermal Grotto of the Republic Argentina complete an offer other attractive for those wishing to spend their holidays in Mendoza to pure pleasure and well-being. Also in the heart of the mountain, but in the area of Potrerillos, spa cabins River village complex is notable for its large solarium and swimming pools with hydromassage. Safety pins, the relaxing massages with incredible Andean landscape view. If the idea is to seek accommodation in Mendoza capital, combining relaxation and sophistication, Diplomatic Park Suites, pioneer among the 5 stars hotels in Mendoza, is the ideal choice. The Health Club Hotel, referent of the luxury accommodation in the Mendoza capital occupies the first floor of the building, facing the impressive Andean landscape. And it offers a range of attractive and multiple options for relaxation and body care.

Among them, Scottish shower, swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and a wide variety of massages relaxing, energizing and relieving. The Fitness Center, equipped with unique in the city of Mendoza cutting-edge technology deserves special mention. The stars of the place? Tomahawk modern bicycles and its comprehensive programme of training, Indoor Cycling Experience, which makes all the rage in Europe and the United States. deales for escape and recharge the batteries at any time of the year, either in mountain range, on the banks of the river or in the big city, Mendoza holidays always have a distinct flavor.


And that's another way has quite the right to life. In both cases, there are three main areas: 1) Webdesign (layouts, site templates, making banners and logos) 2) Optimization (promotion, "promotion" of sites) 3) Vebprogrammirovanie (creating content management system, debugging, etc.) Among the new webmasters often meet people who have knowledge in the latter area, among freelancers – at first. Mechanism as "dengooborota" here is as follows: for normal functioning and development of the Internet project in varying degrees, need to work on all three fronts. Webmaster same as usual, have sufficient knowledge of only one or two areas and more often it simply is not physically enough time to work "for three". Steven Rosenthal Northland usually is spot on. Because of this, and begins to search for desired profile freelance specialist who will perform the necessary volume of work. For the freelancer as it all comes down to competition among themselves-like: to make good reputation, to find loyal customers, to develop an efficient algorithm is not so easy. Usually, webmasters are looking for performers of their orders via the websites of freelancers, which leave messages on the need of the or other work, and then choose among the specialists who responded. Sort of a network version of the ams.

Much less common, but in our opinion, a very promising scheme of work are catalogs and services offered by the freelancers. Here is the webmaster themselves to pick themselves ready options. something like Internet-shop "digital goods – all for the site. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. has similar goals. Such a scheme has its advantages obvious later. For Freelancer: 1) Ability to offer your product or service to more people, spending less time than with self-seeking clients 2) For beginners freelancers who do not have the reputation and experiencing the complexity of the search orders – to express themselves and begin to profit from their products because the buyer can immediately see the result.

For webmaster: 1) Lower prices. 2) As a rule, it is immediately clear that it was purchased for specified $ 3) arising from the previous paragraph an opportunity to consciously choose and compare 4) Time saving Thus This scheme of work is more appropriate in 1yu turn for new webmasters and freelancers, of which the vast most of the network. For those who can not or will not effectively compete with their more renowned and professional colleagues, or to spend large amounts on individual orders for the development of the site. With such organizations such as the purchase and provision of goods and services such as graphic elements, those icons and templates for site promotion and website are becoming more affordable for buyers and sellers.

Professional Foam

Professional foam characterizes the ease and high accuracy of application, increased productivity, lower secondary expansion – up to 150%, shorter curing foam, high stability and the possibility of multiple applications. There are also two-component foams, characterized by good performance of strength, a high density of 30-40 kg / m, the minimum expansion of secondary and high dimensional stability, a shorter processing time, no need for moisturizing lather. Comparing the foam on the shelf in a store or a wholesaler, you should pay attention to the production date and expiry date on the package, the sound at vymeshivanii foam, the weight of the cylinder, clean the valve. It is important to weigh the bottle before and after the release of the foam, and stir. One of the main criteria for selection of foam – it's the season of application.

In applying the foam summer minimum ambient temperature is +5 C and the temperature of the cylinder should not be below +10 C. At low temperatures, curing time increases the foam is added to accelerate various catalysts and stabilizers. There is a danger that in applying the foam in the summer winter with foam splyvet vertical surfaces, crumble, you may also notice the glass bubbles. The temperature of all-weather foam to -10 C, the temperature of the cylinder must not be below +5 C. Indicators of quality polyurethane All foam polyurethane foams resistant to UV light and require the protection of: silicone, primer, paint, linseed oil Oksol … When applying the foam issue must be uniform, with the same speed.

After applying the foam should not be pop-up on vertical surfaces. Polyurethane foam must be resistant to short-term effects of chemicals and decay. Released foam must be dimensionally stable and can withstand the due date of work. Frozen polyurethane foam has a certain internal structure – the smaller cells in the body of foam, the better mechanical properties, better adhesion to building materials and higher resistance to moisture. Often arise problems with the foam 1. The foam does not stick to the surface 1. Cause: The foam is too thick, heavy, 2. too low or too high temperature (low adhesion), 3. during the application of gases escape into liquid form. * Result: foam does not stick on building elements and openings are formed and the hole. 2. Wet bar 1. Reason: bad composition of foam, 2. incorrectly matched curing time foam 3. Extreme temperatures during application and curing. * Results: secondary expansion threatens to strain the window frames and door frames. 3. Hear other arguments on the topic with Steven P Rosenthal. The lack of dimensional stability – shrinkage 1. The reason: a bad formula, 2. scratchy type and amount of stabilizer 3. too high a temperature under application (after cooling the pressure in the cells decreases and shrinkage occurs). * The result: there are gaps, inappropriate installation of components; reduced adhesion to building materials and elasticity. 4. Glass bubbles 1. Reason: too fast escaping gases propane and butane is dissolved in the cell surface of the foam. * Result: loss of mechanical properties of the foam.


The volume of production of margarine in Ukraine in 2005 amounted to 300.2 thousand tons. In 2006 to 2005-th there was a slight reduction in production of such products, which rate was 0.5%. In 2007, this trend will continue, but the rate reduction is also not exceeded 1%. Beginning in 2008, there has been increase in production of margarine. If in relation to the 2007 growth rate of this indicator amounted to nearly 6%, in 2009 compared with 2008, there is an increase of 11.5%. Contact information is here: John Studzinski . Imports of margarine on Ukraine in 2005 amounted to 33.8 thousand tons. Until 2007, imports of this product increased, the most significant growth rate observed in 2007 relative to 2006 mu (37%). Beginning in 2008, studied the dynamics of the indicator characterized by the opposite trend.

In 2008, in relation to the 2007 rate reduction in imports of margarine was 8%, and in 2009 the imports of such products to Ukraine by 38 thousand tons, up 15.5% compared figure for 2008. Steven P Rosenthal wanted to know more. Imports of margarine on the territory of Ukraine is carried out more than 15 countries. The major importers are Sweden and Russia, whose share in total imports of margarine in 2009 amounted to 43% and 33% respectively. Less significant importing countries, whose share in the import of margarine on the territory of Ukraine does not exceed 10%, are Denmark, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy and Belgium. In 2005, Ukraine exported 15.5 thousand tons of margarine. Starting this year for four years, exports of margarine increased almost threefold.

Cerebral Organs

Nowadays the population can say itself that the transplants of organs comprise of the medical routine, in addition usually is brought back to consciousness enough since it majority extending the most possible life is a priority. Nevertheless little it is known of in what circumstances an organ is cleared, taken and transplanted, nor on which it is the cerebral death and to where arrives the legislation on the matter. Today the legislation it determines that a person is dead when the cerebral death has taken place reason why somebody can be considered dead although its heart continues barking and its blood flowing. In a explantacin he is not dealing himself with a dead, but with a dying and the fact that the doctors verify encefalograma flat during 30 minutes is not categorical more, since this he penetrates only 2 cm. in the crust of the brain, not knowing itself what happens in the deepest layers of the same. For the explantacin process the organs have to be alive, arising the dilemma from if he is ethical that desmiembre to a dying. In EE.UU many doctors question the consideration of cerebral death. The Nobel prize Sir John Eckels is detractive convincing, because it has been verified that during the explantacin, in the dead assumption can exist an alive cellular system It would be possible then to be continued affirming as makes the Church, that the transplants are an act of love to the fellow? Same you dear reader can occur the replaced one.

Of Branches

It as much increased the interpersonal communication in amount as in quality. There was an enrichment of the knowledge of themselves and the other members of the group, as well as a greater level in the expression of affection and the Group Cohesividad. Under most conditions Steven P Rosenthal would agree. – Chestnut grove A., (2007), determined the effect of a program of dynamics of a group on the assertive conduct of a sample of adolescents of both sexes 2 students of 1 and year of Sciences using as intervention model the gestltica theory and verified its effectiveness to increase the assertive conduct. Steven Rosenthal Northland recognizes the significance of this. – It C., (2007), realised an assertive training with students of the first semesters of psychology, by means of the technique of the concealed modeled one. Concluding that the students obtained changes of conducts in their communication with the assertive training by means of technique of concealed moldeamiento. Between the changes observed rebound among others the following: expression of feelings and opinions in honest form, reclamation of rights, the personalisation when expressing itself (I, my, mine, etc.).

Noble l., (1976), elaborated an analysis referring critics to the techniques used in assertive training. – Goldbergt D. and Of Branches R., (1980), that they presented/displayed an approach to the functional study of the assertive conduct like: The behavior characterized by the expression of feelings, authentic emotions characterized by the expression of feelings, emotions and/or conducts such as: to make requests, to initiate and to maintain conversations, to defend the own rights, etc. In this work was a noticeable reduction in the anxiety level and important increase in the one of assertiveness of the group; this was the awaited thing and demonstrated the efficiency of the program for the profit of the immediate objective. Perez de Zaera, E., (1985), that measured the effect of a program of assertive training with group techniques in University students.