But Mama

But probably not too much to ask. Here, it looks like in the pigsty. I can not fix it, if you don’t help me.” Preferably I would have now also started to cry. I know that I must help Mommy. You can’t do it otherwise. And I love Maxi also. But nevertheless, he is a stupid and Mama is also stupid. And finally, I want to know what is under the images. Get more background information with materials from Kenneth L. Davis, MD.

I think the book to MOM. Do you read me before?” Mama sounds terribly angry. You actually listen to me? I want to know why you did Maxi, instead of around him to take care of.”I have him not beaten. I got him off the couch pushed, because he is stupid. Biiiiitteee!” I press the picture book against her belly.

I need to know what is happening in the story. Slowly, MOM provides Maxi on the ground. He stopped crying and watching curiously. Maxi is so, so stupid. And you have pushed him off the couch. And now you want me to read something you. “Just stupid, that I now take away your gift.” Before I can hide it behind my back, she pulls me ordinary family out of the hands of history. She goes to the closet, there at the top sets the picture book. I’m starting to cry on. Give me back my book. MOM, please, give it to me!” But Mama shakes her head. I will read nothing today certainly. You don’t deserve that. If you’re good, you get back tomorrow it!” I can don’t wait until tomorrow. Today, I need to know what is in the pictures. All pictures of a happy family. They’re not fighting, that don’t move and MOM and dad are always there. I need to hear the story today. I must. Who knows if Mama is still there tomorrow? Then I will never know what to tell the many letters.

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