“A true story about dedication and compassion of BUDDHA BBs LOST CHILDREN a true story about dedication and compassion book and directed by: Mark Verkerk, production: EMS films, rental: imFilm theatrical release on February 4, 2010 a memorable story in stunning images” AFI FEST (American Film Institute, Los Angeles) after the big hit in the Netherlands, she comes from 4. 2, 2010 in Germany in the cinemas: BUDDHA’S LOST CHILDREN, the multiple award-winning documentary about the Buddhist monk Phra Khru Bah, in the violence-ravaged golden triangle between Thailand and Myanmar orphans and other ‘ lost children teaches new courage to face life. The only weapons of the former Thai Boxer in the fight against the drug mafia are his faith, his charisma and the martial arts. Through his compassion, through meditation and martial arts exercises the boys at the age of four to sixteen for the first time experienced stability in their lives. Only through the love and devotion of the monk you can confident and optimistic people be. The Dutch director Mark Verkerk portrayed everyday Phra cow of Bahs and its community in overwhelming and at the same time sensitive images.

The strict kind of affection and love, experienced Pan Saen Suk, Boontam and the other boys by the monk, gives them the freedom to be children again. Only in this way, they can go the way into a new life. BUDDHA’S LOST CHILDREN is the intimate portrait of an unusual community of temple and a journey into a hidden world. For the documentation writer and Director Mark Verkerk a year shared life on this island surrounded by misery and violence of the so-called grass-roots Buddhism”. This encounter can enrich our understanding with the special community between the monk and the boys, what children really need to become confident people. An inspiring lesson in devotion and compassion. An Asian proverb says life is an art that needs to be learned.

And precisely the point in the movie to find out how you The basic skills for a successful life gives children. “(Director Mark Verkerk) written and directed by: Mark Verkerk, camera: Rene Heijnen, music: Somtow Sucharitkul, Bernhard Joosten, production: clay Okkerse and Pim van Collem for EMS FILMS in collaboration with Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation, Cineteve, Dutch film funds and ARTE France, country: Netherlands 2006, length: 96 minutes, genre: documentation, language: Thai with German voice-over, rental: imFilm, Inca Milke,, FSK: AB 6 DVD parallel to the theatrical release is the film as a double DVD available.” The extensive bonus material also the second DVD belongs to return to the Golden Horse”. A year after the filming the team returns to the temple and documented, as happened to the monk and his novices. We are pleased about a report. Gladly we send you a view DVD. A DVD giving away cooperation is also possible. The author and Director Mark Verkerk is like ready for an interview. The complete press release, the Trailer and more information, images and clips will find you I’m under press release for questions like available. Press: Ulrike Beckmann communication + concepts Valdivia Street 4, 20257 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 432 74 192 fax: + 49 40 432 74 192 mobile: + 49 173 57 69 287 E-Mail:

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