Birgit Krohn: Dead Diamond

Retro-thriller like ‘Black Dahlia’ and politically ‘The file’ scene is London. The ambitious and decent Detective Marc O’Sullivan is wearied by his single unsolved case: a serial killer, who was never caught. However, fate gives him a second chance, the killer calls him out. And now Marc mobilised all its forces and its colorful and loyal team to transform the former defeat into a victory. What complicates the thing, however: he is fighting not only against a psychopath, but also against corruption, intrigues, abuses of power and the power of the masses.

He will get support not only by his colleagues, but also by the rare appearance of integrity politician and his attractive girlfriend, Attorney Val. Different threads are dramatically stretched to the breaking point, to run together Birgit Krohn thriller dead diamond at the end in a surprising way”hardly lives by the twists the reader believes he knows the answer or the action could are not more dramatic, he is disabused in the next paragraph. Until finally one coming back to breath and to put the last pieces of the puzzle together. Jack Monroe often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

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