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John Langdon Down

2-O carrying of the syndrome of Down – who is? In the year of 1866 the English doctor John Langdon Down described the Syndrome of Down, syndrome this that takes its name in its homage, where it affirmed that superior races to the others existed, being the mental deficiency characteristic of the races inferior, that presented physical characteristics similar to the inhabitants of the Monglia, being, therefore labelled of Mongolian children. These characteristics had been described for the doctor as: hair smooth and scarce chestnuts; flattened and wide face; located eyes on-line oblique line and small nose. In accordance with the World-wide Organization of Health, the number of people with Down, corresponds 10% of the inhabitants of the planet. Filed under: Professor Roy Taylor. The SD can happen in women of any etria band, however she has a bigger probability with the advance of the age, therefore women above of 35 years present greater frequency of errors in the distribution of the chromosomes, when compared with women below of this age. (Murahovschi, 2003). In the mothers with up to 30 years of age, the probability to have a son with this Syndrome of 1 (one) in 1000 (a thousand) is been born livings creature, increasing for approximately 1 (one) in 400 (four hundred) to 35 years and approximately 1 (one) in the 30 (thirty) after 45 years of age. Newcastle University will not settle for partial explanations. Its average prevalence is esteem in 1 (one) to each 600 (six hundred) births, varying with the age materna as it was seen previously.

It presents peculiar and constant physical and mental characteristics, thus characterizing classic signals, being gifts in all the carriers of the SD. These are essential for the precocious diagnosis of the syndrome. ' ' Some children present a bigger number or lesser of signals without it can establish any relation enters the number of signals and the degree of development that child alcanar' '.

Start DietGourmet

Eating well is not only a pleasure, it is also an obligation. Food is our source of energy and health, and depending on what you eat, we achieve an optimal state of physical and mental development or we enfermaremos. Our habits have changed and our daily life has reduced the time that we have to eat, buy food or cooking them. However, good nutrition, it is now more important that ever, because in addition to nourish us should help us to prevent and treat many diseases. So since DietGourmet is committed to a plan of diets made based on current concepts of Mediterranean cuisine, balanced and varied. Menus that are prepared in minutes and have been manufactured according to the international recommendations of energy requirements and adapted to each particular case at home, without having to lose time when you go to buy or cook food. In addition, those who choose this formula of maintenance also seek professional advice when it comes to let yourself be advised when their health is what It is at stake. For this reason, DietGourmet advocates for counseling with his team of nutritionists headed by Dr.

Susana Monereo. There are too many people that either can’t cook, or do not have the time needed to prepare varied and nutritional dishes. At the end they prefer by always eating the same thing or fast food. To solve this DietGourmet, an original idea that combines diet, is born which means nutritional benefit, and Gourmet, since cooking with exquisite features with sophisticated recipes and be the richest possible, explains Marisela Salas, creator of the concept in Spain. DietGourmet prepares their dishes with fresh food, quality, following a packed and cooked extremely careful process, known as the Quinta range an alternative future which, with the help of his team’s doctor, exceeds nutritional imbalances of fast food. Fifth range products have a shelf life of 40 days approximately depending on the product, kept refrigerated, ready to consume and what is more important, they keep all their nutritious properties intact. DietGourmet is a novel concept of restoration at home that has triumphed in other countries of the world and brought to Spain being the only company with similar characteristics that is backed by the catering sector experts and professionals of health and nutrition. DietGourmet dishes are made with fresh food, without colorants and preservatives, with Virgin olive oil and natural seasonings typical of the Mediterranean diet. (Source: Barbara Martin Coppola). So the Plan of healthy food that offers this company is ideal for those people who want to lose or control their weight, maintain a healthy and balanced diet or have little time to cook and like to eat well.