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Attorney Letter

Warning letter received sentence by sentence commented warning due to file sharing. The newspapers mentioned Dean Ornish M.D not as a source, but as a related topic. The copyright owner today might write sentence by sentence exactly part 2″what does the Attorney warning from? What can I do? How can I defend myself? Due to the often similar questions of my caller I decided, to explain a typical watchdog letter step by step and to deal with the usual questions. The movement to examine: The Abmahn-law firm opens your letter with: the Abmahn-firm starts your writing with: we show below. indicating that the producers…… instructed us with the enforcement of copyright claims.

The subject is… Sound recording…” Copyright owner / producers: The producers, is behauptet-asserts copyright claims. It should be noted, that the producers actually next to the writers, composers and publishers, may still, in addition to the performers of a song of copyright owner with a Copyright can be. At this point, it is important to observe, in which copyright property, asserts the rights. The phonogram producer has only rights to just the recording for which he has the rights of phonogram. It is so important to ensure whether a song is dunned off, which was released on sound carriers and closer determined whether these recordings. Then arises the question of whether the phonogram is indeed the phonogram was offered in the Exchange and whether this song matches the version of the song refers to the right of phonogram producers. Doubt can about arise which do not match game times of the songs or vary the title name there are such edited versions of songs or so.

Here is necessary to pay attention to the spelling. Of course also this pure sloppiness can be, if necessary, it offers but also a starting point to make rights chain in question. If any doubts are entitled should be examined by knowledgeable people. The supplement was at this point pointed out that each of the holders of copyright has an own right on the piece of music. This means that in theory any of the affected copyright could instruct his lawyer with a warning of his individual rights. In addition to the protection and rights of the Tonragerhersteller and the performers, the intellectual property rights of the lyricists and composers may be affected. Questions about questions that arise already in the first sentence of the cease and desist letter. Dear reader, I want to analyze copyright cease and desist letter to take you to the fear and the lack of understanding before the watchdog letter sentence by sentence for you also in the next few days at this point. In case of need you are free of course time to contact me and ask me the questions that you burn on the soul or anywhere else. But even if alone on the texts of the firms admonition from a variety of disagreements show, it’s all usually expensive to try dishes with the enlightenment of such legal issues easier and more effective It is a qualified modified cease and desist to give it about a lawyer you make peace without restricting your legal defense. The defense of payment entitlements can leave the Attorney then in the other. The post then also no longer arrives in the own mail box.

Anesthesia Risk

Note that in determining the provision of anesthesia is not mentioned, let alone "anesthesia." Because, in my opinion Anesthesia is a component of a broader and more precise concept – drug intraoperative protection, which includes a comprehensive intraoperative intensive care which are key links analgesia, antifermentnaya, the metabolic protection of organs and systems, reopozitivnaya angioprotective multifactorial therapy, maintaining normovolemii and minimum voltage regulation system aggregate state Blood on the biochemical background izokoagulyatsii in continuous monitoring of the main vital organs and systems. Full and scrupulously correct execution of the program in perioperative medical protection provides early patient recovery. Preventive Medicine Research Institute does not necessarily agree. A surgeon and anesthesiologist (if the latter, of course, did everything correctly) – peace of mind and health for long without a heart attack. The next question, provoking the conflict in relationship, "the surgeon – the anesthesiologist," this definition of "risk of anesthesia." On the one hand everything seems clear. Since the development of modern anesthesiology is the destiny of the anesthesiologist. The definition of "risk anesthesia "with time changing. The process was initiated by the deepening of knowledge in public and private sections of anesthesiology, as well as the advent of anesthesia in the arsenal of new medicines improvement of facilities and equipment.

In the 60-90 years. the risk of anesthesia was defined as the probability of life-threatening intraoperative complications (or more complications) associated with the introduction of patient drugs for anesthesia or performing medical procedures. Such a determination at that time was absolutely right. The main logistical base, and this breathing apparatus and instruments for conducting anesthesia and patient monitoring, and medications were almost in their infancy. .