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Of course, what do all you can achieve in life, if there is no strength to live. “Sha” Traditional value: w (?). Manifestations of man in the chain of past-present-future, experience the spiritual and material. Evolution of incarnations – Stage 2 Evolution of the Soul. “Chi” traditional value: integrity, integrity. Previous incarnation – “springboard” for the present, now – for the next, which may be in the higher realms. “Worms” traditional meaning: the womb. Sign a three-dimensional, and the upper part of said aspiration to higher worlds (Divine), it turns out that the tendency of the spiritual world of man to the divine in this incarnation he will later incarnation not only keep in touch with the world, but also to display their talents in material (serving the good of the world).

“SHTA” The traditional meaning: w. The unity of the world of matter and the manifestation of man in spiritual terms (past-present-future) depends on the matter. The material world is created for spiritual development of every person and contributes strongly to this. “ER” – a sign of “I”, the harmony of unity of spiritual and material manifestation (harmonious life of the current) in the present embodiment is determined deeds committed in the past. “EASURES” – signs of “I” and the EP. ” “Eph” like “ER”, but towards the future, it will: the harmony of your future life is determined by your behavior in the present. “YAT” – the signs are written in the embodiments triangle “harmony-Development”: past and future in the physical world are interconnected and are subject to the spiritual world, without which development can not be harmonious existence.

Gain Muscular Mass

Next I present/display some to you ” that to do and that not hacer” in an appropriate technique, so that you can maximize your routine of training of weights and avoid injuries: That To do: 1. Enfcate in training of complete body and includes a variety of exercises for each part of the body so that you can fortify diverse weaves of support from multiple angles. 2. The USA a slower rate and more controlled to feel the muscle. Also enfcate in tightening the muscle.

3. Enfcate in the complete rank of movement before increasing the speed of the movement. It increases the speed of the movement before increasing the selection of load. 4. The USA a scheme of repetitions with pyramid form like doing 12, 10, 8, 6 repetitions to progress your weights of safe way upwards.

5. Exhala when you haul the weight and inhales you lower when it. 6. For 1-2 repetitions to always avoid the muscular fatigue. 7. Cete to mancuernas and the single-sided exercises with troops before progressing to the bars of weights. That Not to do: 1. It avoids to use the impulse to move the weights. 2. Saltarte some dynamic strechings to evaluate any tension in your body. 3. When you realise familiar exercises little first there are a series without load or with a slight weight. 4. To train until you feel a well-known pain little. The ardor of lactic acid is acceptable but the pain is not it. 5. To technically realise challenging exercises at the end of your training. 6. To take your ego to the gymnasium. People are impressed more with your appearance than with how much you can rise. 7. To train when your muscles are very adoloridos and they have not recovered. Light weights and high repetitions are well.

Supreme Labor Court

For example, if the employee has worked 140 days a year, and this is his third year of operation, the number of vacation days, he will put 140 / 200 * 14 = 9.8. Part of vacation days received by a similar calculation, not is taken into account, ie employee laid nine vacation days. The right to receive wellness Days / payments an employee receives after the first year of operation. Calculation of the fitness days, status of an employee, according to the following scheme: After the first year of operation – five days the second and third year – 6 days for each year from the fourth to tenth year – 7 days per year From the eleventh to fifteenth year – 8 days for each year from the sixteenth to nineteenth – 9 days for each year of the twentieth and more – 10 days per year. For workers in the public sector, the number of health days and is characterized, respectively, 9 days for the first year, 11 second to fourth, 12 fifth to tenth, 13 from the eleventh to the fifteenth, 14 in the sixteenth to the twentieth and the twenty-first 15 and beyond.

Payment of a wellness day at the moment is 331 shekel in the private sector and 327 shekels the public sector. People such as Dean Ornish M.D would likely agree. 30/12/2007 In an amendment / extension to the general collective agreement from 19.07.2007 on the issue of pension contributions. The amendment extends the application of the collective agreement for all employers and employees. The amendment requires employers to make compulsory pension contributions, starting from 01.01.2008 or from the start of work (Bole later of the two) to all employees who do not have pension plans. Total amount deductions for 2008 is 2.5% of basic salary, which is distributed as follows: 0.833% employer contributions to pension expense, 0.833% of the employee contributions to pension expense, employer contributions 0,834% at the expense of severance pay.

The total of contributions for 2009 is 5% of basic salary, the allocation of 1.66%, 1.66% and 1.68% as mentioned above. The total amount of payments should increase each year by 2.5% in 2013 and 15% of basic salary. More aspects that are worth checking out in the calculation of awards payable upon separation: the return of the cost of transportation, compensation costs for work clothes, pay for holidays and extra hours, indexing wages, payment of allowance for the experience, contributions and payments under a specific collective agreement in the field of production. As I said above, this article is a brief and general description of the rights of the worker and the calculation various fees and charges, he laid. Each of the above aspects is covered in a multitude of nuances, as originating in the laws and regulations, and court verdicts in interpreting the letter of the law. In conclusion of this introductory article will focus on two issues. First – claims arising from labor disputes are considered only in the labor courts. Labor Courts have two main body – District courts and the Supreme Labor Court. The second and most important – time limitations. It is worth to draw your attention to the fact that the statute of limitations in employment law is often much shorter than the familiar seven years in the conventional civil suits. Therefore, when labor dispute is very important to timely access to a lawyer, in order to avoid financial loss and loss of rights.


Should only swim along the coast and always under constant surveillance, so that time could come for help – to avoid serious mischief in the water: swim for swimmers, grabbing them by their legs, "sink" to file false signals for help, etc. – not leave the water babies. They may stumble and fall, awash with water or get into the pit. Unfortunately, not uncommon for young children drown in a bathtub, abandoned by parents, older "just for a moment" – not swim for restrictive signs, because they restrict the water area with proven bottom, a certain depth, there is guaranteed no swirls, etc. Do not have to sail far from shore or swim in the water dispute. If you have read about Dean Ornish M.D already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Prove their ability to swim can swim several times the same distance near the coast – not to swim close to passing ships, boats and motor boats.

summer LIFE-SAVING and their use. terms of use Individual life-saving. By the summer saving appliances include: lifesaver. There are two types: cork and foam. Mass range of cork – to 7 kg, diameter (external) – 750 mm foam plastic – up to 4,5 kg diameter – 750 mm.

By a circle with four sides fixed rail. To circle was clearly visible, its painted in bright orange. rules of submission lifesaver. Holding one hand on the lifeline, the second for Leer, make two or three circular sweep straight arm at shoulder height and drop it flat on a drowning man, he fell to the right or left of him at a distance of 0.5 – 1m.

Industrial Psychology

If a man is hungry not give him a fish, teach him to fish. No Chinese proverb should surprise us, that are still many executives, managers, who even coming from universities, not to consider the relevance, scope, the need to make effective use of the industrial psychology towards the achievement of a productive harmony of workers and their needs labour and basic, thereby ensuring a good participation and achievement of a positive organizational climate. Some are unaware, that the real primary wealth of every body is its staff, its human capital that occurs in that resource human under their charge, while there are already significant background in its results, including: the fact that some companies succeed or failing according to the shapes is selected, trained and used to its employeesfrom the doorman, Messenger up to executives, management. You should be aware, that the industrial psychology, it is a basic tool for all Executive, having to make constant use of it, to minimize conflicts and risks in favour of the objectives of the company, and especially in their individual interaction and group. Learn more about this with The University of Chicago. Not expected this to become industrial psychological experts, but if not there these professionals in the organization where he works, at least such knowledge you are extremely necessary. Empathize with such principles can help them to know themselves and affirming interpersonal relationships of their skills, make decisions as well as effectively collaborate in the use of this significant population of workers, who often are cataloged as inempleables, creating or encouraging the Department of human resources to establish programs that allow accessibility to culture and to all technical instruction that demand load to coverwhich for us latinos should be important at the moment since it is much staff you need it. Pronounced and important problem of non-use of industrial psychology found also in some heads of industrial relations, or people who are them has commissioned personnel selection, because good interviews require complex knowledge, as well as a psychological, technical, preparation familiarization with the type of skills, interest and specialty features which are suitable for a particular work situation. .


The use of rodenticides is something very common in homes around the world. In fact they are very common products, which can be purchased at any drugstore, store DIY or gardening or, even, in the corner supermarket. When someone discovers the presence of mice in the home, usually react with urgency, often dominated by nerves and, in this State, often cling to the first solution that turns by hand. Rodenticides always are close and generally constitute the most undependable immediate solution. But, stopping to think about things a little, should ask ourselves: are rodenticides in fact the ideal solution for the problem of pests of mice in the home? The answer is no. The Cleveland Clinic takes a slightly different approach. At least if he speaks of rodenticides in the hands of ordinary people who do not have knowledge of a subject matter expert or professional. The latter have an experience and a few means at its disposal (the scientific support of a business structure) are not normal people on the street.

They know to assess the problem from an technical point of view: where the mice are, what is the degree of infestation, etc. And have sufficient scientific knowledge to know the material you are working with: with what products combine different poisons to make them attractive to mice, how to place them, etc. However, an ordinary citizen is going to place a rodenticide, which continues to be a poison, and therefore, a potentially dangerous product, within reach of a mouse, but perhaps within reach of a little boy who can crawl there, or a pet, for example. That’s why being rodenticides in the hands of an expert, effective weapons in the fight against mice; they become potential weapons against family health in the hands of an inexperienced person. Inexperienced persons should know that they have less sophisticated weapons at their disposal, but a high-efficiency, when it comes to combat pesky rodents that insist on sharing their home. And among these simple methods include life wooden trap. They have them at any hardware store and not cost or 2 euros. Is placed a piece of ham or bacon inside; the mouse goes after him, activates the mechanism and another Butterfly thing, in this case, mouse.

Aging Health

Memory and aging aging is an inevitable process and as we get older, the majority of the people becomes somewhat forgetful and more distracted. The deterioration of cognitive functioning, including memory, can begin as young as in the mid-30s. Diminished mental capacity is greatly affected by genetic composition, voltage and other factors on health such as diet, exercise and lifestyle. As we age, the brain is becoming increasingly difficult to make connections along the path of nerves. This is often part of the natural aging process that affects each one of us to a greater or lesser degree. As the years pass, it is vital that we maintain a healthy nervous system to help bring the optimal function of the brain. Sustain an oxygenated adequate blood flow to the brain, as well as a constant source of food to all the cells of the brain, is one of the most important factors that determine the effectiveness of our brain in the execution of their tasks vital.

This prevents cognitive problems such as loss of memory and thoughts embrollados ahead of time. The natural way to maintain good health and inhibit the decline of the brain relative to age, while prevent loss of memory this is the great challenge. For it is important to eat sufficient quantities of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. It is also beneficial to get enough fresh air and Sun, as well as exercise on a regular basis. Also avoid smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and other drugs. Rather than treat problems in isolation, the naturopaths prefer take a holistic look at the individual and incorporate changes in a number of areas including diet, lifestyle, surroundings, and emotional elements in such a way supporting the health of the individual as a whole. Tonics made with natural remedies to support the memory have been used recently in the complementary and alternative medicine and herbology for thousands of years to support the healthy functioning of the brain and the nervous system, helping to encourage normal and efficient operation of concentration and memory.

Peru Waters

The tributaries of the river Amazon are placed enter the biggest rivers of the world. Some of them have barrentas waters being known as rivers ' ' brancos' ' (example: Juru, Turkeys, Wood and White). Others are deep and dark water rivers, calls rivers ' ' negros' ' , its dark exactly limpid waters possess tone, probably due to some component of the riverbed. Jr. wanted to know more. The clear and barrentas waters of the Solimes contrast strong with dark waters of the Black river, forming a visible thick partition wall to who observe of close (density difference them rivers). After I enter it of waters, the river Solimes starts to call Amazon.

Juru Source: Solimes Source: Other type of tributary is called rivers ' ' verde' ' that many times for waterfalls are interrupted. The tonality of the water is esverdeada, with great visibility (they are example the river Tapajs and Xingu), with its confluence with the river Amazon, has a certain difficulty to mix its waters, then a vast clear and esverdeada spot is observed in the city of Santarm that if detaches of the main river. Tapajs Source: Seen aerial of the City of Santarm, and meeting of rivers Amazon and Tapajs Source: the tributaries of the right edge Are counted, the ones that possess greater importance, the Javari, the Juru (3,283 km), Purus (3,210 km), the Wood (3,240 km). Some gegrafos prefer to consider the part the river Tocantins (2,640 km) can add it. The discord is for the fact of this river to confluir already in the estuary, of the opposing side of the main delta (to the right of the island of Maraj, while espraia Amazon of the left side) and contributes to form the river Par. In the left edge, the river Amazon receives tributaries from lesser extension, as Ia or Potumaio, the Jupur or Caquet (2,200 km), the Black (1,550 km), the Jamund or Nhamund, the Trumpet, Peru and the Jar. Another lesser tributaries are added it the side of these innumerable rivers, that if congregate to the fluvial net of the proper tributaries of Amazon. It also has small courses d? water, that is baptized with typical regional names, such as parans-mirins, arms of rivers that skirt islands, the punctures natural that they bind the rivers between itself (diminishing the distances) or that they go to have the lakes, they are small courses that quiet cover free lands of floodings.

Source: With all this complex net of draining, also appears the Amazonian lakes, extensive lagoons that appear of the invasion of fluvial waters while the period of the full ones lasts (fertile valley lakes) or are products of the work of accumulation carried through for the proper rivers (barrage lakes). lakes of vrzeado Amazon Source: REFERENCES – WHITE, Samuel Murgel. The Amazonian challenge. 4ed. So Paulo: Modern, 1989 – AXE, Irineu Cndido. Modern Illustrated Encyclopedia SIBRAC. So Paulo: Central New PRONAC-, 1990 – Ecoturismo and Brazil adventure Atlantic Bush. Available in:. Access in 26/05/2007 = Imagens.Disponivel in: of the Amazonian basin.

These Omega

That will not always succeed, but should Remain objective. In addition, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of modern nutritional medicine. At Newcastle University you will find additional information. So, researchers have found that the Omega-3 fatty acid contained in vegetable oils ALA has properties that can positively affect heart health. So, research have developed a variety of evidence for the importance not to be underestimated by ALA on the health in the last few years. These Omega-3 fatty acid can protect from atherosclerosis, as well as bones and joints from calcium loss and inflammation heart and vessels.

And last but not least, it can strengthen the nervous system and contribute to mental fitness. From a nutritional standpoint and reasons of health care it is so useful to supply the body with sufficient ALA every day. But is that really something? Are the people who take themselves much ALA really healthier? American researchers have led through a large population-based study. First, when several thousand people, given the amount of from vegetable oils of recorded ALA. Then they analyzed the number of suffered heart attacks in the study population.

There, they found that those who had consumed much ALA suffered 59% fewer heart attacks than those with little ALA into the food. This finding is unique. From their research, the authors conclude that the daily intake of the essential omega-3 fatty acid ALA may significantly reduce the risk of heart attack. Of all vegetable oils contain at most ALA from flaxseed, linseed oil. However, fresh flaxseed oil is quickly perishable and therefore ineffective. It is therefore useful to rely on highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in capsules. These are available in Germany as OmVitum capsules available. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of arteriosclerosis (veins arteries). OmVitum as a one-month supply (PZN 4604189) or as a cheap and meaningful 3-month Pack (PZN 0262160) may on pharmacies, Health centers or directly from Navitum Pharma shipping related. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping OmVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma.

As Dancing Flamingos ?

A quiet autumn night, when silence filled the streets of the city, and battered hooves of horses running in the roadway is not eternal vanity rabid passers-by, we Caruso uncle sat in the studio for another masterpiece of our imagination. It was a flamingo from mahogany. Thin stream of light thrust itself from the fireplace through wood fiber directly to us. We are a long time in silence watching the grace of a flexible material. Celil thrill my soul in my young mind the idea of uniqueness of an unfinished masterpiece. Me at that moment it seemed that if I was not young student, I would not know this feeling so great.

Uncle Caruso long silently stared at him, but he later drew small barely visible from under his thick eyebrows, eyes, like two little sparks in my direction and asked: Kevin, how do they dance? How? I was amazed, and her whole face turned to the uncle showed him at his mistake. I replied: I do not know because I've never seen them. – Maybe Horatio will tell us? He's a lot of swimming, traveling around the world. At this point, I was struck by perseverance Caruso. He was old, and ate moved. Holding on to my shoulder, he took off the peg shabby time, but economically well-groomed, his coat and said: Come on.

I've been wanting to know how they dance. Out on the street, we wandered to Horatio. We faced a terrifying darkness, full of typical raw London fog.