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Emergencies Ministry

Due to difficult weather conditions conditions (very heavy rains which led to a dramatic elevation of water levels in rivers of the Carpathian Basin) in six regions of Ukraine have been flooded 655 villages points and 38 000 215 homes and 57 000 383 hectares of farmland. The responses of ecological disaster, even a year later felt by residents of these areas. But we always hope for the best, we think, what with us nothing should happen. Despite a warning from the Emergencies Ministry, the tourists still went to travel the route Gorgany – Svidovets.

During the eight days of pouring rain, but the boys overcame delivered before a trip. Here’s one of the days … Day Six Wonderful morning! Finally we are in as many days have seen the sun. Gathered today for a long time. I wanted to dry in the sun of our wet clothes and backpacks and a tent. Today we’re going to Tavpishirku. Read that this is a strange range, not like the others.

We go through the impenetrable forest, a lot of fallen trees, have long circling to get around the swamp, or a fallen log. Finally we leave the forest, we see houses of shepherds, but it seems they are empty. We meet on the way a herd of horses. Beautiful horses! That rise in Tavpishirku, fairly steep, but the road is very good, rocky. Dean Ornish M.D often addresses the matter in his writings. Guided by the column. There is already the 14th and we need to reach number 10. Here we are on a ridge, beautiful here – a lot ferns and low trees. Did not seem to go on a ridge, and is much lower. The sun makes us happy. Finally, there first appears a mobile communication. You can all call and reassure her. I’m on the phone 47 missed calls we are all scared. Martha McClintock is often quoted on this topic. It turns out that the news show about the Carpathians all sorts of horrors. Ivano-Frankivsk floats in water. From the mountains the water flooded the Transcarpathian region. So we have a great camp, assure call relatives and friends. Near the column number 10 is a pointer to descend to the pass Legions. First, the road goes through the colts, then walks into the forest. Descent through the woods, we meet a group of Poles. The road all the way down and now we have come out of the pass Legions. In the middle stands a large cross- monument to the war dead Poles. Halted half an hour, a snack and run farther. Turn left and go into the woods. We go through the woods, through the tall bushes that look like mugs. Stop before getting on Pantyr. See Stack hay and what looks like a pasture for horses. To camp …

Final FNPTempo Application

RESULTED the characteristics of the sample of the patient before and after the accomplishment of the technique in a period of two months. Table I, displays as it was carried through the test of antagonistic control of the musculatura of the trunk and its respective results before and after the method. Cardiologist brings even more insight to the discussion. Table I – test of the antagonistic control of the musculatura of Initial the NPosiesTempo trunk (second) Application Final FNPTempo (second) 1 Seated with the hands in knee c extension of tronco25,802 months 29,15 2Sentado with the hands in knee c trunk inclination side direito13,8720,46 3Sentado with the hands in knee c trunk inclination side esquerdo13,8119,53 4Paciente in DV with extension of tronco19,4921,55 the test was carried through with seated patient carrying through the movement of extension of trunk with intention to survey the muscles of the forebody of the trunk with duration of in the initial phase of 25 seconds and 80 thousandth, and after the application of the method a period of 29 second and 15 thousandth, for gauging of the lateral, patient muscular grouping was in the position seated with lateral inclination for the left side, was surveyed a period of 13 seconds and 81 thousandth, after 19 seconds and 53 thousandth, inclination for the right side 13 seconds and 87 thousandth, after 20 seconds and 46 thousandth later patient in ventral decubitus, test for surveying resistance ofthe posterior muscles of the trunk (paravertebrais) a period of 19 seconds and 49 thousandth, after 21 seconds and 55 thousandth. The graphical I serves to illustrate the results gotten in the test of antagonistic control of the musculatura of the trunk. Read more here: Professor Roy Taylor. Graphical I? illustration of the resistance test table II, shows as it was carried through the progressions in supino its respective results before and after the concept. Table II? Progressions in supino Initial NPosiesTempo (second) Final FNPTempo Application (second) 1DD for DLE4,382 meses2,08 2DD for DLD5,012,34 3DD for sentado6,905,25 4Sentado stops of p4,642,24 the tests of progression in supino had been verified with the patient in dorsal decubitus for lateral decubitus the right in a period of 5 seconds and 1 thousandth, after 2 seconds and 34 thousandth, of dorsal decubitus for lateral decubitus the left 4 seconds and 38 thousandth, after 2 seconds and 8 thousandth, of dorsal decubitus for seated 6 seconds and 90 thousandth, after 5 seconds and 25 thousandth, seated stops in foot 4 seconds and 64 thousandth, after 2 seconds and 24 thousandth, being these parameters harvested during the evaluation.

Decurrent Anemia

The anemia is developed slow and gradually, even so the blood spoliation occurs daily and in amounts until considerable. This thus is established because it has left of the iron of the lost hemoglobina for the hemorrhage is reabsorvida and reaproveitada for the formation of new hemcias. In this manner, until the supplies of iron of the organism are depletados, the carrying sick people of great parasatism obtain to remain themselves for period of relatively long time without showing any sintomatologia. The main cause of anemia for iron deficiency is carencial. However, afeces of the digestive device can cause or aggravate the corporal deficit of iron, basically, for reducing the absorption. (Moral et al., 2010) Thus the iron deficiency is a delayed manifestation of drawn out negative rocking of the iron or consequence of a insufficient one arrives in port to satisfy the increase physiological of the iron necessities.

In many instances, multiple etiolgicos factors are involved, as association of poor diet in iron and some source of sanguine loss. Some factors can determine a bigger susceptibilidade of the host to the intestinas infections, as imunossupresso or imunodepresso. 5.CONCLUSO Is established, then, the anemia, that if manifest in the spoiled organism of iron, which if sets the hemoltico component, the decurrent one of the malformation of the hemcias. Additional information is available at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The time that demand all this process, since the beginning of the spoliation until the establishment of the anemia, is relatively long, in the dependence of the lost volume of blood, the largeness of the deposits of iron and also of the availability and the capacity of absorption of the alimentary iron. As the hemorrhage occurs for the intestinal way, part of the hemoglobnico iron will be reabsorvido by the intestinal mucosa, and thus the installation of the anemia will be more delayed of what in relation to other ways of bleed, that do not allow the reabsoro and reutilizao of part of the iron of the contained hemoglobina by vol.