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Madonna Mindfulness

Lunchtime meditation the power NAP! “Make it like Madonna & co.: meditation, wellness for the soul, is one of the top performers in show business, such as the high flyers ‘ management to the day program. Only you can withstand the constant change and increasing pressure and be creative again and again on the new. Use 30 minutes during your lunch break as recovery and prevent thus the potential burn-out. Brain researchers worldwide have supported in the past 10 years by studies, that meditation is very healthy for the people. Even beginners can focus better after a short time and organize. Switching off from the Office bustle internally strengthened return to the Office this world of silence, a fantastic experience of overcoming you your midday low support you besides your beauty from within based of meditation is mindfulness training.

Mindfulness means the ability to bring back the attention in the present moment… If we practice meditation, followed by our mindfulness our breathing. When we inhale, the air in the inner world, when we exhale, the air out into the outside world. Mastering the tool of meditation, you can cope better with stressful situations and prevent disease. Christina Kurbalitsch

The Process And The Results

Administrators only develop the skills analytical and creative the charismatic leaders; those who try to reach the unattainable apparently know that creativity is a process of learning, not an administrative process. The system used to reach its overall strategy is fragmented and evolutionary. Charismatic leaders are natural drivers of the ideas of others; a popular myth is to believe that the charismatic leader is always the originator of ideas, but in reality often takes borrowed ideas and experiences of others, energizes them and take them to walk with the help of others. In essence can be an effective promoter of ideas, not necessarily an inventor. Scholar is someone who knows a lot, genius is one who combines knowledge and gives rise to a new concept; This is the essence of the charismatic leader. Leaders have the quality of reabsorb their personal experiences, what makes them more sensitive in relation to the needs of his followers and the environment.

They used many sources of information that apparently have no relationship among themselves, but in his mind they are links that give rise to a new idea. You spend much time reading, looking, until they find a new concept to enrich their vision and know that change comes from many opportunities; why promote permanently that things must change. Many people identify the ideas of the leader as a product of intuition, when in reality are the result of reflection, of the combination of synthesis and conceptualization, consequently giving a coherent, different and bold box. Essentially this is the creative process: rather than product of the genius is the result of the observation and is governed more by the purpose than by a systematic process; It is the result of an effort to do something different and better shaped and sometimes random plays its role facilitating things, when the creative is ready to take advantage of them. Charismatic leaders are permanent promoters of horizontal rotation, they are constantly changing their people in different positions to enrich the company with the natural creativity that this causes, through the vision of cases from a different angle, and each subordinate has the opportunity to enrich the task with new ideas. As expands the experience of an individual, expands your ability to solve problems and be sensitized him to better understand the operation. When given the task of finding improvements checks that the challenges constitute a powerful experience to increase the talent in a way that supports the training of leaders throughout the organization.

They know that select a person by his creativity, his vision, boldness and lack of conventionality is no easy task, and this pose, rather than tests of skills, situations to resolve to put to test the skill and imagination of the candidate. Charismatic leaders permanently stimulate the creative efforts of its people and prevent the punishment or social disapproval of the audacious seeking new formulas, and although failure they are always encouraged to find new ways, we are manufacturers of champions. Supported in their encouragement and understanding, are always willing to take the risks in the permanent search of make things better.

High Quality

Are from high quality the handling characteristics. Although the enormous forged 20-tariff wheels are equipped with comparatively tender 245er rubbers, the jeep lies outstanding on the road wuchtige. Particularly for the SRT8 Quadra Trac Active on and designed all-wheel drive mentioned with strengthened transfer case provides for best traction in all situations. In addition for a SUV comes sensitive steering element. Recover to hardness despised all sportyness and impressing a small side inclination the shock absorbing tuning did not fail the exaggerated hard body. Particularly at higher speeds the giant sovereign flies over also bad roadway unevenness. Apropos badly: Generously the Grand Cherokee SRT8 shows that it is a hammer SUV. Front apron, wuchtige Seitenschweller Fiese and two centrically platzierte, furnace-tubinglarge exhaust pipes do not let a doubt about its ambitions arise.

Kampfpreis And badly again: Even if the sport seats to outstanding side stop offer. Even if here and there something sport Deko in the form of aluminum and carbon atmosphere provide for screens. The quality seeming is altogether mau, because almost the entire interior trim consists of common hard plastics. The partial covering with leather at doors and the scoop over the center console helps only little there. On the other hand, finally goes the Grand Cherokee SRT8 with a Kampfpreis must be saved somewhere to the start. Upward, it already gives costs to competitors like Mercedes ML 63 AMG or the Porsche Cayenne turbo S 100,000 euro the jeep Topmodell for 63.690 euro. With full equipment, because extra such as CD change-over switches, DVD navigation system, sun roof, two-zone climatic mechanism and metal IC lacquer participate in series also. Result While the civilian versions owing to their sophisticated all-wheel drive genuine characteristics offer jeep Grand Cherokee, the Topmodell SRT8 jeep limited to bitumen presents itself as branch-pure SUV: ACE utility Vehicle keeps in track.

426 HP strong 6, 1-Liter-V8 given simply famose acceleration values, chassis and steering element provides for excellent handling characteristics. Who does not have a problem with the cheaply seeming Interieur, finds with the Grand Cherokee SRT8 an inexpensive alternative in the league of the over SUVs. Approximately 60,000 euro are certainly not pasteboard style, but with the competition pays wages to nearly the double one.

Motivation Results Survey

The goal of the survey was to identify the factors of motivation and demotivation of the people surveyed and which aspects they would be useful to learn how to manage. There were a total of 100 surveys, of which 65% were answered by women and 35% for men aged 25 to 45 years. Mostly they occupied positions intermediate and managers. This is a summary of the results obtained: factors that more they can discourage at work were identified: absence or poor clarity of goals and workplan little recognition Malas relations with boss or colleagues long hours and little flexible monotony don’t see results the lack of interest or commitment to professional paperwork poor education of people in the environment chaos customer dissatisfaction, these appeared disorganization among the factors which more motivated at work: new challenges good teamwork environment labor recognition objectives and view satisfaction customer satisfaction results of the job well done autonomy 99% of the people surveyed felt that motivation brings them benefits, among them: improvement of working efficiency. Help to be more effective brings perspective of future will face better obstacles emerging in the largest daily satisfaction helps move forward and prosper is easier to go to work reduces tiredness and works better also were asked about topics or aspects that interested them learn to manage. Este es el resultado por orden de mayor a menor importancia: 1) la frustracion 2) la monotonia 3) el miedo al fracaso 4) el cansancio y la falta de vitalidad 5) el enfado 6) la comparacion y la rivalidad 7) otros temas, entre los que se encuentran: comunicacion ineficaz, miedo a hablar en publico, y mala gestion del tiempo..

Mannheim June DOC

SafeTIC AG examines usage patterns to the DOC in comprehensive study of Mannheim June 2013. The DOC, a special, developed by SafeTIC AG defibrillator system allows every layman, to give first aid in an emergency. Meanwhile, the device in many public buildings is installed in some companies. How is the DOC here and whether he actually used, the SafeTIC AG now examined in a study with interesting findings. The most defibrillators are not used. That is the sobering realization of the SafeTIC study on the more information under is. A total of 2,000 people were asked, 300 of them with defibrillator in the workplace.

But why not more employees use the DOC, where its application is so easy? SafeTIC finds great fear of risks of false application the study found that many people fear being wrong to apply the DOC and possibly harming the heart patients. 61% of the Respondents thought of injuries for which they possibly could be held liable to kill 11%, even to those affected by the administration of an inappropriate shock. The SafeTIC AG can allay such concerns, because the DOC works like all defibrillators only in people who have really suffered a heart attack. Also a false application is excluded, because the emergency device developed specifically for the first aid by non-professionals more or less automatically regulates everything: is taken from his anchoring the DOC, it connects automatically to the PSAP, which supports the first rescuers about language instructions. An automatic diagnosis function checks to see if FIB has occurred and administered an adequate electrical shock if necessary. At the same time is issued the emergency call to an ambulance. DOC shortens time until the arrival of paramedics and secures life-saving seconds a colleagues affected by the heart attack to defibrillate, how would do it 10% of respondents, is so “better than just” an ambulance called up to wait for, as 41% would do it.

Fear incorrectly apply the DOC, have nobody there, so the SafeTIC AG: one reason for the-application non of the DOC s, after all, called 44%. Quietly, the 11% who were still uncertain regarding the use despite training, can trust to use the DOC. Wrong you can nothing, which encourages SafeTIC AG. On the contrary, he can save lives: alone in Germany die every year between a – and 200,000 people in cardiac arrest. About SafeTIC AG, SafeTIC AG with headquarters in Mannheim is a company that specializes in biometric systems with fingerprint and finger morphology. SafeTIC is represented also in the areas of video surveillance, the intrusion detection technology (EMA) and the person protection of brand DOC (remote controlled defibrillator).