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Coral Reefs And Diseases

Studying coral reefs, the scientists found that the number of different diseases of corals, the smaller the greater diversity of fish living near these reefs. Reefs are found in protected waters have a healthier ecosystem, than reefs where fishing is allowed. In the course of his research team found only one species of fish, which has a negative impact on the coral – it butterfly fish, which feed on hard corals and only occasionally caught by fishermen. Study by researchers in handy – for now, coral reefs are rapidly disappearing from the face of the earth. Corals are dying because of pollution, global warming, species extinction animals needed to sustain the existence of the reef community.

In addition, the major cause of death of coral reefs are a variety of coral diseases. What exactly causes the spread of diseases in Reef – until recently for scientists remained a mystery. Polluting air particles can 'travel' from one continent to American scientists have found that air-pollutant emissions have a negative impact on the ecology of another country far away from their 'homeland'. Harmful air particles that pollute environment, can 'travel' across the oceans from different continents – from Asia to America and from America to Europe. Although Air quality in one country are almost always determined by the dominant number of local industrial and domestic emissions, a significant impact on the environment can render and external sources contamination came from other continents. Thus, the global environment has no national boundaries. That is, greenhouse gas emissions in one country can adversely affect human health and ecosystems, and other States, despite the considerable distances.