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Party in the Grammar Jose Luis Hunter of the Conceio Preciso to live all VERBS TRANSITIVOS and to complete with my OBJECTS INDIRECT RIGHT-HANDERS AND my happiness and to show through the COMPOSED CITIZEN that we are that one and not to fortify through the INDICATIVE WAY ally to the verbal time, that all passes of one day THAN MORE PERFECT. Nobody will be OCCULT, but explicit. I will bind to Mr. VOCATIVO and I will call for one would danceteria and there we will find the APPOSITIVE one, that it will explain the secret of all happiness. In this space of dance of a side some will act (VOICE ACTIVE) and from another one, some will suffer (VOICE PASSIVE), but everything will decide with the conjunction ADDITIVE that it will add with its special charm the two sides and will form one alone body, one alone meat, one alone blood. Unhappyly in this party it will lack the SUBSTANTIVE, therefore it worked the day all giving to name to all the beings in general, but PRONOME will finish substituting, giving that differential with its tricks of mutation. We will not call the ADVERBS NEGATION stops this party even because Not necessary nor to comment, therefore we want joy, emotion feeling, was therefore that I passed an email it INTERJEIO to be part of galera and to shine in palco with its invariable.

In mine facebok, to twiter, Orkut I wrote that the great amigo DEFINED ARTICLE, although to appear same before of the substantive it will determine and follow all the choreographies. I cannot forget that the same it has to the times cases with prepositions. In these meeting they had had five children (tenantable, ablative, dative, genitivo and comitativo), one prettier than the other. Already it is in the hour to take a beautiful bath to arrange and me for this great event, then, then I will speak what it rolled for there. In this grammatical game, everything is played and if it transforms into a beautiful party of knowledge.

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