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Health and Behavior

Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise According to OMS, health is not expressed only illness absence. They are part of it: physical, psychological and social factors. The behavior involves psychological and social components that are the physical attitudes, day to day. Me the physical behavior is all the type of aggression imposed to the body.

A well appropriate example is the sedentarismo, another one is me the alimentary behavior, as well as the vices. Me the psychological behavior is generated internally, through erroneous thoughts and has as examples: The negative thoughts that can generate diverse psicorgnicos upheavals and intentions of practical that they attempt against against the peace of third. Me the social behavior is that one where the individual does not fulfill the rules imposed for the society and brings damages to third, many times, in proper benefit. One knows that the work is the way of sustenance of a civilized society. Some use illicit ways to deduct its profits from those that act in accordance with the laws. All me the behavior is generating of estresse. If the behavior of the individual will be incorrect, can generate disequilibria in these components, being able to evolve for the illnesses and, in the worse one of the hypotheses, to the death.

The good behavior brings balance. Buddha mentions behavior to it he disciplines and it as synonymous. Karmapa (2009) tells that me the behavior generates suffering for itself, for the others and of the origin the mental afflictions. The lack of time and of disciplines associated estresse to it generates psychological cardiovascular problems, psychiatry and. Full health (2008). These authors strengthen appropriately that me the behavior destroys the health gradual, or exactly short-term. Me the behavior takes to the one way of suffering, illnesses and many times to the death. Already one saves correct if it translates peace, physical, mental health and a happy society. What it is lacking all to adhere to this wonder? Bibliography KARMAPA, the Way of the Good Behavior. 2009 Mirror of the Good Behavior. Daily of the Great ABC. Column Full Health. 2008