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I am a Man, as I can ' ' to give one mole' ' of these, ' ' who of the soup pra thief is cook of cadeia' ' as always says Lieutenant-Colonel of the p.m., friend mine, and I, unhappyly, gave soup: – bundo, babaca. Espraguejo the world and me exactly for being imbecile and imcompetent person; espraguejo the thief who, of favour, has all my life in the hands and goes to vender for cinquenta real. Cinquenta real is sacanagem; I imagine it offering. My thoughts do not stop – it took care of itself, I would give a thousand, two a thousand gave to everything that I had in the hour, but you the area rejection.cursed, thief donkey, could ask for the rescue? he could yes, inventories a new crime: sequestration of cellular, but accepted that this will not happen and it goes to only gain cinquentinha of another delinquent. I am less chateado, gargalho only, as a deseperado insane person because I remember that my cellular one has password, therefore of the thief it goes to ferrar itself, does not go to obtain to unblock kkkkkk – Wait, that this? It is thief, goes yes, goes to unblock and to vender my life for real cinquentas mseros indications of depression after panic and mental confusion. He uncontrols absolute.

– That injustice with me, cad my peace? It was even so with the loss of that one cursed cellular. I hate cellular. I stop of speaking alone, but I continue to think:the next one that I will buy will be most vagabond than will have, without photo or access Internet waits, I little took off photo or use the Internet, because I did not buy a vagabond before? Pq I am a babaca, after years of study, still make bobagem….com I hate myself. Ei, was present bludgeon, because of a nastiness of cellular I do not obtain to control my thought and my anger.

Relationship Tips

Like returning with your ex- fianc2ee? The more thinks about this question, the more confused usually one is. I can understand much that you feel by your ex- fianc2ee, but podras not to return with your ex- ones until knows the methods adapted to recover it. You want to know the methods correct? It reads east complete article, this will help you. Like returning to be together with your ex- fianc2ee? Quick attention to these advice: Advice # 1. Not to spy on your ex- fianc2ee which is doing. Concntrate in which you must do instead of which you are doing.

You do not try to review your social accounts of Facebook, MySpace and other networks. There is no necessity to send messages through Facebook to your ex- fianc2ee. In addition, you do not share poems of rupture, appointments, images through your profile in Facebook. Advice # 2. You must avoid all those things that make you seem desperate. In addition, he is not advisable to extract or abrir to the wounds by means of the search and the rupture poem interchange.

Haslo only if you wish hacerte more damage. Advice # 3. Demustrale that you are a man of truth. You are not as if you had a weak personality and that you cannot be happy without your fianc2ee. Dale to your fianc2ee a time so that it misses and leaving to you asks if you are thinking about her. Advice # 4. Now you must learn to being happy without your ex- fianc2ee. You must understand that you do not have to force your ex- fianc2ee to return next to you. Good, this it is the best moment to improve your mental energy and physical health. nete to classes of yoga and clubs of the laughter. It spends time to your likings. All these things will give the opportunity you to know and to make new friendly. Advice # 5. Until you restore the communication with your ex- fianc2ee. If your friendly invite to you to make things interesting, spends the short while with them. If other women want to go out with you, begins to leave with them. Good, it is necessary to let know them that you have happened recently through a rupture and is not looking for a serious relation now. At this moment, you must be positive, and make the things that do more positive to you. When doing all these things these giving to your ex- fianc2ee some good reasons him to return with you. If you become a positive man and happy, salts with other women, your ex- fianc2ee sentira that loses to somebody special one in its life. And it would begin to think about the relation that it had with you. You are free to share this article with all the people that you know and to those who you think that this information can help him. Then, that delays To return with your ex- express?

Cerebrovascular Diseases

Cerebrovascular is any abnormality caused in the brain due to a process of change in structure histofisiolgica conformation for a pathological process of the sanguineous vases (4). According to some statistical estimates amongst the illnesses cerebrovasculares, about 85% of the enceflicos vascular accidents is of ischemic origin and hemorrhagic 15%, between the hemorrhagic ones, about 10% are intraparenquimatosas hemorrhages and 5% subaracnideas hemorrhages (5). The AVCs in young adults is of occurrence not very frequent, in this way considers a rare pathology, with a described incidence in the literature that varies between 5 and 10% of the total of AVCs, increasing with the age (6-7). The causes are more diverse than in the population most aged, requiring a more exhausting study and constituting frequent a clinical challenge. The published studies show that the identification of the causal factor is possible in 55-93% of the young adults with AVC (8), however are changeable of study for study, conferring dependence of the used criteria in its classification. Being already salient main definitions and data that show its occurrences in our society, and that still they reach, even so of changeable form, since etrias bands of the young adult even though the aged generation, in reference to this finishes is well-known its growth in accordance with the improvements of the quality of life that more specifically we will go to deal with the evolution of the clinical assistance supplied by the modern nursing. In this context, the emergencial attendance in Service of Ready Hospital, objective Aid for identifying the disgnostic and initiating therapeutical medicamentosa, as well as action of nursing that they aim at to minimize the risks, sequelas, deformities and iatrogenias. We can point as general actions of nursing, the attendance and recognition of the disgnostic with respect to AVC that provide the great difference in the result of the treatment..