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International Business

“Culture is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Diogenes Laertius (third century BC) Greek historian. Cultural distance, expressed in the way that members of an organization from different countries value the behaviors, actions, and behaviors, inevitably involved the validity or invalidity of the transfer of management styles and methods from one company to another. From this premise, the fabric is constructed of a complex reality that requires special attention from senior leadership that address processes of acquisitions and mergers. Considered by many studies as the main factor influencing the success of the integration of different companies flag, the cultural distance seeps into every exchange of work, in every transaction, at every meeting, every dialogue and redefines the interpretations and readings the parties have each other. The following paper focuses its analysis on the impact of cultural diversity factor for M & A processes (acronym in English Mergers and Acquisitions). The release of this