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Devils Dance In Prizzi

Easter celebration in the town of Prizzi, Sicily, located on, each year attracting thousands of people. Unlocked Palm Sunday celebration, a representation of the Last Supper of Christ in the Holy Thursday procession of the Holy Friday and finally the traditional Dance of the Devils on Sunday of Easter. On the morning of Easter day boys, dressed devils, and run on down to the road, waking the country circuit noise, which they shake on purpose, and begging for people they meet. Devils Dance – an allegory of the eternal struggle between good and evil. A true representation begins on the first night, "devils" are the statue of Christ pootdal and Madonna, they are protected by angels, devils and Death of trying to obstruct them with 'dance' ensure that the meeting between the two statues from happening.

The main characters performances – three characters in costume, two Devil and Death, and one in the 'bourgeois' on a mission to collect and preserve proposal. Devils dressed in red, wear a big red face mask with big teeth, a prominent language, a large nose, two small slits for eyes and two large horns on his head. Death, however, is yellow suit and wears a mask in the skin, carries with it a spring, to threaten its victims. This is a choral and exciting holiday at the end of which good triumphs, when, after various attempts, the two statues can be meet.

International Business

“Culture is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Diogenes Laertius (third century BC) Greek historian. Cultural distance, expressed in the way that members of an organization from different countries value the behaviors, actions, and behaviors, inevitably involved the validity or invalidity of the transfer of management styles and methods from one company to another. From this premise, the fabric is constructed of a complex reality that requires special attention from senior leadership that address processes of acquisitions and mergers. Considered by many studies as the main factor influencing the success of the integration of different companies flag, the cultural distance seeps into every exchange of work, in every transaction, at every meeting, every dialogue and redefines the interpretations and readings the parties have each other. The following paper focuses its analysis on the impact of cultural diversity factor for M & A processes (acronym in English Mergers and Acquisitions). The release of this