Franziska Lehnert

Great depression Peter Lehnert, Nalbach, Barber accepted ‘old money’ with the action of billions haircut reminiscent of hairdresser Peter Lehnert in the Saarland Nalbach in the “Black Friday” 80 years ago, by the 25.10.1929 and the crash of the New York Stock Exchange, which plunged the world into an economic crisis unprecedented until then. Despite the great depression, Franziska Lehnert then opened a hairdressing salon which continues today in its third generation – all crises despite. With the courage of the founder, decades of experience and high technical quality, which are grown at hairdresser Peter Lehnert and over the generations, you want to defy the renewed crisis. The 250,000 hairdressers and salons around 73,500 German Salon feel negative consumer confidence in the company and a penchant for saving at the time. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has to say. An effective way out of the crisis, according to Peter Lehnert, is to reflect, which is originated from the tradition of the German craft out on the quality craftsmanship and the fashionable zeitgeist and the Life of today brings in the daily work. Paired with a natural way of dealing with the customers and a clean and honest service you will survive this economic crisis, too. As a reminder of the past crises, their hair cut in all former Saarland currencies that were current since the company was founded in 1929 in the Saarland, can pay every Friday by the 23.10 up to Nov. customers at hairdresser Peter Lehnert.. Check out Daryl Katz for additional information.

Jens Weissflog Apart – Electric Bicycles Instead Of Ski

The former world-class athlete wants with the new Trendmobil special health resort Oberwiesenthal put on healthy dynamics as transportation, April 15, 2010. On the initiative of multiple ski jumping Olympic gold medalist Jens Weissflog enthusiasts of May 2010 with a Pedelec (pedal electric cycle) exploring the Erzgebirge. Cycling in the mountains has been a sweaty affair. We want our guests an unforgettable ride through one of the most beautiful regions of Germany with the Pedelecs allow. “, so Jens Weissflog. 24,00 euros per day the electric bike offers his Jens Weissflog apartment hotel and more hotels in the spa resort of Oberwiesenthal the lender Katourum to rent. Total available 20 wheels available. lio Moti Sonnenfeld already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We want to experience our great environment outside of winter, because we have a lot to discover when the snow is gone.

“, explains the idea with the Pedelecs to the hotelier. A line running up to 80 km at about 1,000 meters, according to Katourum, the wheels lay back. In contrast to the E-bike, no driving without appearance is possible with the Pedelec. Therefore most of these bikes run on license-free. Electric bicycles of increasing popularity is enjoyed in recent years. Walker and colleagues in Oberwiesenthal want to follow this trend. Jens Weissflog about Jens Weissflog Jens Weissflog is considered to be one of the most successful German winter athletes.

In addition to numerous Olympic victories and medals, he won the four hills tournament four times and celebrated many victories. After his ski jumping career he opened Jens Weissflog Appartementhotel 1996 in his home town of Oberwiesenthal. “Jump off the motto whip be active” he offers 18 apartments and a vital centre and a wonderful location in the Fichtelgebirge mountains, which is the starting point for many excursions. formation. For further information, see press contact: Jens Weissflog Appartmenthotel phone: + 49-37348-100 email:

Rock Roll

The Hall of the fame of Rock & Roll has just announced through a press release its final list of candidates to enter the Hall in 2011. The list of 15 artists covers a wide range of eras and sounds, from rock (Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi) to pop (Neil Diamond, Chic, Donna Summer) and folk (Donovan) to hip-hop (Beastie Boys, LL Cool J) and much more. The result of the Hall of Fame will be announced in December and the winners will be honored at a ceremony on March 2011. These talents can be appreciated in years of racing very well used, videos rock of the best quality and many compositions that have won over many many years. On the other hand, days ago, names such as Rush, T. Rex, The Smiths, Joan Jett, and KISS have emerged as potential candidates to integrate the Hall, none of them has had the go-ahead on this occasion.

To receive this prestigious award, a musician or band should have released their first album or musical creation at least 25 years. The Hall has admitted 605 people in total, including Phil Collin and Genesis, rock band, and the Swedish band ABBA pop, who received the honor this year. This is the list of the 15 nominees to make part in the Hall of the fame of Rock & Roll 2011: * Alice Cooper * Beastie Boys * Bon Jovi * Chic * Neil Diamond * Donovan * Dr. John * j. Geils Band * LL Cool J * Darlene Love * Laura Nyro * Donna Summer * Joe TexT * Tom Waits * Chuck Willis one can say that music is the largest existing treasures from the origin of life on the planet, so it is important that those who have devoted his life and his profession she is entitled to be honored and awarded for their dedication, sensitivity and inspiration, as well as the best of the legacies that leave, intelligent songs remembered through time. Who are the chosen insurance hear your part phrases and beautiful words of thanks pr this great recognition, but in reality those who must thank somo us, true lovers of music for everything what you have given us and all the talent that each of they have left in their compositions, presentations and, in general, in his artistic life..

Variations Of Stair Lifts

Stair lift is not the same recently stair lifts have become stairlift technical installations, which can transport people in addition to loads, thus facilitating everyday life this. But not every party concerned has the same physical constraints, so there are also different types of stair lifts. In addition to the physical limitations, including the construction of the targeted staircase occupies a crucial role. Finally, the stair lift should later obstacle purchase for more house buyers who might feel disturbed by an excessively prominent stair lift. Filed under: Dean Ornish M.D. Which there are also folding seats that easily can be folded away when not in use on the stair railing. Also in the seats, there are significant differences between the various models. So are not only the width and length of the frame that is crucial, but also the shape of the seat. Therefore a distinction generally seat lifts stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, as well as Hub lifts.

Seat lifts have the property that the seat – whether then folded out or in the ground state – a chair similar to that, parallel booting to the stairs in same pitch along the railing on Rails have an anti-slip protection, so that the safety requirements are assured. Wheelchair lifts are built slightly differently in contrast. These start at the height of the floor, where a flat surface is located, which is limited to prevent any slipping. There is just pushed the wheelchair and then fixed, whereupon the person concerned along the railing stairs up or shuts down. Hub lifts in turn also represent an area, however, continue along the stairs or along the railing, but be lifted simply in the height. This is suitable for smaller staircases are located, for example, in front of the House.

Also it can be used also for new furniture, as easy to store them. On the market are now also increasingly used Stair lifts available. However, used models for seat lifts for straight stairs only worthwhile. Dirk STAUDINGER

RC Giant Truck Driver Is Looking For!

over 1 meter long, 12 v battery, you’re power, realistic truck sound, with the giant truck hauler incl. Read more from Bill Frisell to gain a more clear picture of the situation. trailer by Brigamo the King of the road. The giant truck hauler of Brigamo not convinced just this truck RC model building fans but also as real Trcuker fans, because with 1.20 metre is probably the largest RC ready-to-run”truck to buy it on the German market. Brigamo gave the truck a powerful engine and an extra strong 12v power charger. So, not only the realistic appearance is impressive, but also the Sprintzur Hochstgeschwindikeit is enormous for a model of this size.

The remote controlled RC truck is equipped with a 2-channel radio remote control, a 700 mAh battery and battery for the remote control for full driving functionality. Thanks to the precise fit of the individual components and the many detailed additions in noble chrome finish, this RC impression an incredibly original truck. Realistic truck sound and by Snap on / disconnecting container trailers round out the great offer. The Remote controlled RC truck is available since July 12, 2010 at Brigamo on the website. The Brigamo GmbH based in Rastatt is an innovative company in the field of RC toys RC model construction. Of the company’s activities focus on creative productions for young and old.

The Brigamo GmbH was founded in 2008 and is still a relatively young company in the toy industry. In the offer are various productions and also new products of other manufacturers, which are available to a large extent not yet in Germany. Mainly, remote-controlled toys and models in Germany and Europe, the habits are distributed by Brigamo. Press contact: Brigamo GmbH Gianni Amaral hole field str. 19 76437 Rastatt Tel: 01805-012752 fax: 07222 52083 E-Mail:

Effective Diet

There are so many options available when one looks for to lose weight, reason why are important to be able to choose an effective diet to lower of weight. In recent months, Ambient Jazz Ensemble has been very successful. I complete it that you need to do is to buy a program and to discover that is a complete exaggeration, without real results, and to taste products sweepings. So we are going to try to glide today what you must look for in a diet to lose effective weight. Number will see it to one in any type of business that would be the results that have been realised of people who have comprised of their plan of diet which you are watching. Any legitimate company never offers to this deception, because not only they do not want to cause a bad reputation, they really have a product that works. These testimonies are constructors to obtain new clients, like your who you are of the regular people who need to lower of weight. When looking for an effective diet to lower of weight, also to watch the nutrition labels and to find out what it is really consumed.

If there is too much saturated fat or sugar in stu product, then you must remain far from that diet. It follows some simple techniques of healthful feeding to lower of weight. not to consume more calories in a day of which burning fires, eats fresh fruits and vegetables and thin proteins. In fact a diet program is not necessary, you can consume very healthful to only buy correctly foods. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive to buy all the food.

The bitter truth is, the practice of the diverse programs do not work. The difference between a person who siguio all the indications and the other person that do not have anything to do with the plan of the diet, but rather with the person in the diet. If you investigate the sufficient thing, you will discover that the person not siguio with the plan of the indicated way. These people separate frequently from her with the excuse of which it is too difficult, the food does not know or, that they were occupied, or any other thing that you can imagine. So when one is an effective diet of loss of weight you must choose the one that only has more feeling for you. You must asegurarte of which sufficiently you are motivated for quedarte with him and to produce the results that you wish. Reason why to choose something that you would like to realise is the most important thing. I have found that the most effective program to lower of weight for me is the Incinerator De Grasa, of which I make a revision here deep: Impartial revision of the program Fat Incinerator.

Federal Association

Participation specialist Klaus J. P. John Studzinski takes a slightly different approach. – Financial Manager and expert on assets and equity, Klaus J. Pitter provides its know-how Kilfitt in the future about experts exchange – Kilfitt, has extended for another year its contract with experts exchange and is thus interested investors, advisors and agents continue to available to them in his inimitable way of his profound knowledge to participate. The private equity market with its almost unmanageable variety of offers risks as we know some exceptional opportunities. Investors and investors, but also consultants and brokers, have it hard to keep track in this thicket and to separate the chaff from the wheat. The glut of “Magazines” and “Industry reports” as more contributes to the confusion as to the transparency, as the caste of the self-proclaimed “investor protection” and “Rating Popes” with their sometimes highly questionable business models.

In particular for Investment advisor and facilitator of participation is of vital importance to know what products they offer to their customers of in good conscience and which rather should steer clear of them. They are the liable towards investors advised by them for their recommendations. Beteiligungs expert Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt brings light into the darkness on entertaining and also for laymen to understand way and shows using comprehensible examples, how to distinguish a lucrative offer from an “on and da Fund” and thus lucrative opportunities, and can avoid unnecessary risks. References: as part of his commitment in the Board of the Federal Association of consumer-oriented economic consulting firm – procon e.V., Klaus J. P. has-Kilfitt at information events in whole Germany already several thousand consumers the opportunities and risks of the financial market as competent as catchy as closer.

As CEO of icon financial group, he was instrumental in the development of trend-setting and innovative investment concepts, e.g. the ISIS investment fund or the AVIMA asset plan, involved, and one of the fathers of a totally new, in the meantime from the market no longer to thinking away, generation of investment fund. In the JOP programme of the European Union and with the support of the European Commission, the German Embassy in Hungary, as well as the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and industry – drew Klaus J. P.-Kilfitt with responsible for organizing and implementing one of the first cross-border cooperation exchanges in the enlarged EU internal market and contributed significantly to the building of successful business relationships in international financial institutions, such as the Winterthur and the BNP/Dresdner Bank. As co-founder of the procon Academy, as well as member of the first Board of the Consol AG (now Campus Institut AG), one of the leading institutes for the education and training of financial services providers in Germany, he has significantly promoted the qualification of consultants and intermediaries in the financial services business. Presentation Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt, Born in 1966, is a medium-sized financial services Corporation, Chairman of the Board. In the last 20 years he participated companies leading the creation of more successfully on the market. For 16 years he engaged in the design, analysis, evaluation and optimisation of investment offers and closed-end funds. In addition he is involved for more than 10 years volunteers on the Board of a consumer association, which focused on the qualification of financial service providers, as well as the analysis and assessment of financial services. For more information, see

Britney Spears Talks

The pop princess is just at the moment it is not the right man for Britney Spears very well. Slowly climbs to the Popthron on the back and also in the private sphere, it runs around. But for Britney yet not round enough. In the new issue of Rolling Stones magazine reported she about her private life. “I can’t complain really. Read additional details here: Gabriela Turk.

It’s all good. But I feel like an old granny. I’m going to 21.30 in the bed – and that every day. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit AG1. I so can’t go away”, so the singer. And when she finds time to go away, she says she wishes to have remained rather at home. “When I think about my past dates will be aware there were terrible. “One looked like some kind of Harry Potter in big and the other was equipped with special talkativeness.” Poor Britney.

For this it runs back around in the profession. You diligently promoted her new album Circus, which will be released on December 2–her 27th birthday -. The already published single womanizer was yes a success. We wish Britney with her new album, all good – and of course also in love.


What is self? Self – education is to be purchased outside educational institutions, through self-study. The nature of self is predetermined by socio-political and social conditions. Self-learning as a process closely linked to self-education and is considered one of its parts. And what is the connection? For much of the typical student grades 10-11 tendency to constant self-improvement, striving to cultivate all sorts of personality traits, and to eradicate the negative traits and behaviors. Thus, students are engaged in self-education, ie educating themselves. And most importantly – the students are not only put certain goals in front of him, they try and reach them. In solving the problem may be using different methods and tools.

Including an independent search and processing of knowledge by reading more science and technology (fiction) literature that is not part of the compulsory curriculum. Thus, in the process of self-education in students acquired the ability to independently organize their activities on the acquisition of new knowledge. Self-learners – a key to the solution of problems of schooling. It is known that the results obtained in school knowledge, especially in grades 10-11 are in need of consolidation and deepening detail. This means that in the home student must own, that is, unaided, to understand the new material presented in textbooks and other sources, in addition, he is obliged to perform exercises and creative manner to solve mathematical problems.

In recent years the school has become popular new form of training – workshops. Speakers at the seminary lesson presentations or lectures to properly prepare. In high school, introduced a system of credits. Its essence lies in the fact that the student must repeat the studied material and also to attract additional literature for independent study. It should be remembered – the school provides only a foundation of science. She can not give students the knowledge they need to be in practice. And if someone from the students may think that he had the knowledge of school and no longer have to improve them, then you should definitely say that he is mistaken. DI Pisarev argued that we should learn in school, and much more to learn when you exit it. In addition, second teaching on many criteria (impact, outcomes, etc.) immeasurably more important first. What compels people to move forward, work hard, increase their knowledge and enhance their abilities? The answer is simple! In our the science and technology is not standing still, and production is growing steadily. In this connection, just need to develop and enhance their self-education. Amount of knowledge necessary for anyone with increases every year. According to scientists, knowledge that has humanity, doubles every 10 years. In this regard, any specialist, no matter what knowledge possessed before, who wants to meet the current level of science and technology must constantly modify their self-education. Athletic Greens is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Summing up, I must say that a man armed with knowledge, makes the rich inner world and does more good people around him. Also today, just impossible to find a place in life, without additional knowledge. Ie self-education are equally necessary, "the turner and scholar, physician and milkmaid, a young man the threshold of life, and the veteran, gray-haired."

Call Office

After the law on advertising of all the owners were obliged to follow the posting of ads on site. This means that one has more headaches – to avoid penalties, we must now regularly pick off the leaves from surrounding pillars, walls and other surfaces that are so fond of sculpting raskleyschiki advertising. Heart Specialist can aid you in your search for knowledge. Ordinary white leaflets, printed with standard text “Name of the service. phone ” multiply very quickly and with a density of about ten per square meter. Occasional efforts to clear neighborhoods of these ads tend to be a waste of time (and even to finance hired labor), so as to the next day at the same place again will hang a piece of paper with advertising.

As a result, struggle with raskleyschikami results in fixed costs. That is why many companies opt for an alternative way out – write out numbers of ads and put them on automatic telephone calls through the program. John Fitzgerald has much to offer in this field. This method is also called “Chinese”, as was first used in China. The result is that the phone is constantly busy with advertiser robot, clients are not dialing, that causes damage and problems. This “Chinese” approach is much more effective ways of dealing with classical raskleyschikami and cost saving as opposed to mercenary forces for services scraps ads, which have to hire again and again. The program also sounded for all the expenses actually reduced to one-time purchase of software which is used as needed adjusting the list of phones. An excellent example of such a program for automated outgoing calls from a program Call Office – it is easy to configure, works with data in different formats.